Stan Lee gets restraining order against his caregiver

Stan Lee gets restraining order against his caregiver

A temporary restraining order was issued on Wednesday (13) against Stan Lee’s caregiver, Keya Morgan, who has been charged in a court of law with subjecting the creator of legendary 95-year-old Marvel characters to abuse since taking office. in charge of their legal affairs at the beginning of the year.

The petition for the restraining order was filed on Lee’s behalf by his attorney Tom Lallas, who said he was removed from Stan Lee’s attorney role in February when memorabilia collector Keya Morgan “came into Mr. Lee ”after his wife’s death last year.

According to Lallas’s version of supporting documents in court, Morgan took control of Stan Lee’s home, hired security guards with orders to keep away family members and other people Lee trusted, and then removed Lee from his family home and moved into a building.

“The applicant, together with adult protection services and police forces, believes that mr. Morgan is influencing and isolating Mr. Lee, ”wrote Lallas in the petition.

Over the past five decades, Stan Lee has created and helped promote characters like Spider-Man, Iron Man, Hulk and a host of other Marvel superheroes, who have become mythical figures in pop culture and resounding blockbuster hits from movie theater.

Morgan was arrested on Monday on suspicion of making a fake police report when making an emergency call to 911 for a robbery at Stan Lee’s house. The call came shortly after two police detectives and a social worker were arrested. called to check on Lee’s condition, according to a police statement included in Lallas’ petition.

Earlier this week, Stan Lee said in a video posted to his Twitter account that Morgan is the only person who represents him.