Stan Lee cameo: movies, games and series in which he starred

Stan Lee cameo: movies, games and series in which he starred

short performance of a well-known person in a movie, series or computer game. These types of inserts with the participation of Stan Lee are already a must-have element of every show within the Marvel Cinema Universe. What was initially supposed to be a casual easter egg, has become a moment that every fan of the story about superheroes is waiting impatiently. Thanks to funny and ingenious solutions, the directors pay tribute to the great artist, and, as you can see in many cases, he had a good time showing that he has a great distance to his legacy.

It is hard to say what happened to Stan Lee. Will the creators decide to continue to include his image in their productions? Contrary to appearances, this would not be a difficult matter. In Marvel series, Stan appeared in photos, posters and paintings. On the other hand, technology is still moving forward and it would not be surprising if Marvel’s rulers decided to sacrifice a few fat millions to bring life back to the person for a few seconds thanks to which it all began.

Interestingly, the story of Stan Lee did not begin with the MCU. The author appeared very eagerly on cinema and television screens in the eighties. One of the most famous episodes he had with Kevin Smith in the movie Mallrats, where, as himself, he gave some life advice to the main character. The artist also voiced voices in animations about superheroes. His image can also be found in several games, including the last, well-rated Spider-Man.

In the gallery below we present the most important and interesting episodes of the Master. Although in several places his presence on the screen closes in a few seconds frame with a poster in the background, it is worth noting such moments, because it is a testimony to the great influence of Stan Lee on global pop culture.

You can read more about the role Stan Lee played in promoting comics and Marvel in Holywood in the book Stan Lee: The Man behind Marvel.

Source: main picture: Marvel