Spider-Man gains new enemy in the comics, the Red Goblin

Spider-Man gains new enemy in the comics, the Red Goblin

Marvel has revealed that the next Spider-Man arc in the comics will introduce a new villain. This is the Red Goblin.

The current arc of the neighborhood buddy revolves around Norman Osborn, the Green Goblin, probably the hero’s worst enemy. Osborn has lost his powers, but remains with a deadly hatred for the Spider.

The final battle between the eternal rivals is scheduled for the March 2018 edition. According to a video released by Marvel, it is from this event that we will meet the Red Goblin, Spider-Man’s new nemesis.

The Red Goblin seems to be an even darker version of the Green Goblin, with fire coming out of his mouth and a tail, which gives him a demonic air. As the video says, “Who or what is the Red Goblin?”. Was it a new disguise for the maniacal Norman Osborn, or a new enemy?

Check out the video released by Marvel about the final battle between Parker and Osborn and the appearance of the Red Goblin:

Spider-Man and the Goblins

The Green Goblin is probably Spider-Man’s worst enemy. The villain caused chaos and caused irreparable losses in the life of Peter Parker, either in its original form, incarnated by Norman Osborn or his son and Parker’s best friend, Harry Osborn. Other people have also taken on the mask over time.

Spider-Man also faced the Goblin Goblin several times, alter ego of several people, like Roderick Kingsley, Jason Macendale and even Flash Thompson. The Spider has also had to deal with the Gray Goblin, whose secret identity was Gabriel Stacy, son of Osborn with Gwen Stacy, Parker’s first girlfriend.