Speed ​​Drifters is now available for iOS and Android

Speed ​​Drifters is now available for iOS and Android

For those who like speed, but cannot afford to become a professional driver, as is my case, racing simulators are an option, be they more realistic or in a footprint Mario Kart and the like.

And no matter the platform: PC, console or mobile, any free time is time to run. And with Speed ​​Drifters, mobile racing game produced by Garena (Free Fire), you will have the chance to be the new DK (Drift King). The game is now officially available here in Brazil, with subtitles and audio in Portuguese, with versions for devices iOS and Android. Best of all, the game is free, download and play.

The game features Single-Player and Multiplayer modes for up to six competitors and also offers a ranked mode where players of the same level compete against each other for the chance to see their name rising on the leaderboard. And if you want to relax between a race or another, inside the game you will find casual mini games that you can play with your friends, to give that relaxed and prepare for the next dispute.

And according to Garena, players can expect many special news to celebrate the launch of the game in Brazil. And to lose nothing, be sure to follow the official Twitter profile.

And what are you waiting for to be making the new DK into Speed ​​Drifters?!