Species of animals you didn’t know existed in Brazil

Species of animals you didn’t know existed in Brazil

THE Brazilian fauna it is certainly the one with the greatest diversity in animal species in the world. With a country with continental dimensions, it would be almost impossible to know all these species, since from time to time we discover new species.

Therefore, we will show a list of the 5 animals that certainly you didn’t know it existed in Brazil.


Imagine you walking alone in the dark and come face to face with a Harpy? Yes, it is one of the largest birds in the world.

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Forestry, can be found in the Amazon region and in some small stretches of Atlantic Forest in the southeastern region, especially in southern Bahia and northern Espírito Santo.

It is a powerful predator, hunting from monkeys, sloths to howler monkeys and other prey, sometimes with the weight and size of the bird itself. It is also known as Uiraçu, Apacanim, Cutucurim, Guiraçu and Uiruuetê.


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Don’t be fooled by the cute appearance. The Irará can measure up to sixty-five centimeters in body, apart from the tail. Also known as Papa-mel and Cachorrinho-do-mato, it has a thin and flexible body, where the head passes, it manages to enter. When Irará gets angry, he exhales an unbearable smell.


exotic animals in Brazil

Attention, guys, don’t swim without clothes in the rivers of the Amazon. Yes, there are reports of Candirus entering the male urethra. And, according to reports, it hurts a lot. But what are these animals?

Candiru is a fish, also known as vampire fish, it is a species of catfish that is considered a freshwater parasite. Adults can grow up to 16 centimeters in length and can be found throughout the Amazon basin.

Jararaca Ilhoa

types of jararaca

Yes, we have one of the most venomous snakes in the world, and exclusively Brazilian.

Jararaca Ilhoa is found in only one place in the world, the Queimada Grande Island, also known as the Ilha das Cobras, which is located on the coast of São Paulo, in the city of Itanhaém. Yes, people have already died from the powerful bite of this animal.

Red-bellied admirable thrush

The admirable red-bellied frog is a species of amphibian that lives only in one place in the entire world: Perau de Janeiro (Municipality of Arvorezinha), in Rio Grande do Sul.

The adult admirable red-bellied thrush are very small, measuring 2.5 to 4 cm. Their striking colors, especially red, are an alert to predators, indicating that they should not be ingested, as they are toxic.

This short list gives us an idea of ​​how rich our diversity is. This is our Brazil!