Space Unveils Premiere Date for The Doctrine – The Series, September 1

Space Unveils Premiere Date for The Doctrine - The Series, September 1

THE SPACE announces the release date of The Doctrinator – The Series, about the Brazilian anti-hero most feared by corrupt politicians and businessmen. The production is a series of fiction / action with three main lines of dramaturgy: the political thriller, the investigative action and the personal drama of the characters – based on the homonymous Brazilian comic, created by Luciano Cunha.

The Doctrinator – The Series, is an original SPACE product, in co-production with Paris Entertainment and has the general direction of Gustavo Bonafé. On TV, the plot will have more in-depth developments, unpublished characters, many action scenes and special effects, over the seven weekly episodes, each 45 minutes long. They are part of the cast Kiko Pissolato, Tainá Medina, Du Moscovis, Natália Lage, Marília Gabriela, Natallia Rodrigues among others.

The first episode will air on September 1st, Sunday, 9 pm, and brings the story of Miguel Montessanti, an elite police officer, shaken by the death of his daughter and astonished by the lack of attention from the public health system, which led the girl to die. He will seek those responsible for the facts, whatever the cost: corruption has created its worst enemy.

Every week an unprecedented episode on the SPACE screen:

9/1: Episode 1 | Lymphoma Operation9/8: Episode 2 | The face of renovation9/15: Episode 3 | Rare comic9/22: Episode 4 | Hero without mask9/29: Episode 5 | Everyone has a price10/6: Episode 6 | There is still hope10/13: Episode 7 | Nothing in this story is standard