Sophie Turner says she auditioned for GOT as a joke

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Actress Sophie Turner, who plays Sansa Stark on Game of Thrones, said in a recent interview that she auditioned for the series as a joke and had no intention at first of being called into the role.

Turner gave a cute testimonial about his parents’ reaction when they found out about the audition.

“I didn’t tell my parents that I auditioned for Game of Thrones, they just found out”

The team went to schools to look for young actors “Me and all my friends auditioned,” he said. “We just thought it was a fun thing, a joke to do. And then I was asked to do a second test, and a third …”

“My parents found out when I was among seven actresses, and then my mom kind of freaked out. She called my dad and said, ‘I don’t know if we can do this.’ But my dad said, ‘Shut up, that’s the that she wanted all her life. You have to let her have a chance. ” In the end she got the part. “She jumped on me and said, ‘You got the part’ and we both ran and jumped in the pool and ate a lot of pizza all day. It was the best day ever.”

Sansa Stark has one of the most sensational and growing trajectories in the series. Going from spoiled and dreamy little girl to strong woman and Queen of the North.

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By Milena Costa