Sophie Turner and Jessica Chastain confirmed for CCXP18

Sophie Turner and Jessica Chastain confirmed for CCXP18

Sophie Turner and Jessica Chastain, from the cast of X-Men: Black Phoenix, were confirmed as invited to participate in the Fox Film panel at CCXP18, an event that takes place in December, in the city of São Paulo.

The event will take place between the 6th and the 9th of the same month, with the Fox panel expected to happen on Friday (07). The film’s director, Simon Kinberg, will also be there. More information, such as photo and autograph sessions, has not yet been revealed. Tickets are for sale on the CCXP website – there is still time to guarantee your place to meet this team and all the other names from cinema and television that will be at the event.

The film to be released will deal with Jean Gray (Sophie Turner) succumbing to the Force of the Phoenix, with its transformation unleashed after being hit by a mysterious cosmic force while the X-Men are on a mission in outer space, nine years after the events of X-MEN: Apocalypse.

With Jean getting out of control, it’s up to the other mutants to stop her and make sure her powers aren’t armed by aliens who want to conquer the galaxy, although there are disagreements between Professor X and Magneto’s factions on how to deal with it. Check out the trailer below:

The film’s theatrical debut is expected in July 2019. Read more about X-Men: Dark Phoenix on our website.