Sony Pictures develops a film focused on Madame Web for the Spider-Man Universe!

Sony Pictures develops a film focused on Madame Web for the Spider-Man Universe!

News for Spider-Man Universe at Sony Pictures!

Even with the break with the Disney, Sony does not seem to care about the problems and continues to develop new projects with the characters of the Spider.

Information, via website Collider, is that the next film within the Spider Universe in the studio is focused on Madame Teia.

The publication also states that the studio hired Matt Sazama and Burk Sharpless, the writers of Morbius, to take care of the adaptation.

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The character first appeared in the Spider-Man comics in the 80s, in the edition The Amazing Spider-Man # 210 and was created by the duo Denny O’Neil and John Romita Jr.

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In the stories the character is known as Cassandra Webb, a lady with vision problems who has difficulty moving and even breathing. By connecting to a mechanical life support system that looks like a spider web, she uses her skills to help the Spider fight crime.

A film about the character may be the chance for Sony to pave the way to introduce new villains from the Spider Universe on big screens, such as the Macabre Elf it’s the Fanatic.

The feature can also introduce Spider Woman. Another important information is that the character has the ability to connect all the characters of the Spider in several multi-universes so they can open the door to a universe shared in cinemas only with Spider-Man.

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Sony has not confirmed the development of the feature.

The film does not have a director or cast names released.

No premiere date.

The next projects in the Spider-Man Universe are Venom 2, Morbius, and the long-awaited character-focused films Silk Web, Nightwatch, Kraven, Black Cat, and Silver Saber.

Only the first two are expected to debut, and both for 2020.