Sony breaks deal with Marvel Studios and takes Spider-Man back

Sony breaks deal with Marvel Studios and takes Spider-Man back

THE Marvel Studios will no longer produce films from Spider man!

THE Sony Pictures undid the agreements between them and the Disney to keep Spider-Man in the MCU, doing Spider-Man: Far From Home be the last feature of the neighborhood friend in the current format.

It is in the interest of Sony Pictures to take at least Tom Holland and the director Jon Watts, as there are 2 more feature films Spider man planned, but otherwise Kevin Feige the creative control of the franchise.

One of the terms that Deadline says was a problem is the investment control and return on the franchise, in which Disney only holds 5% of the box office, while the owner of Mickey wanted to share investment and return in 50/50.

The information comes after the feature hit the home of more than 1 billion revenue and exceed 007 – Operation Skyfall as Sony Pictures’ biggest box office.

One of the big problems Sony found in Kevin Feige’s creative control was how to create its own Spider-Man universe, since it wants to address all the characters it can, including the one already released Venom, and those to come, as Morbius, Silk Web, Black Cat and Silver Saber, Gwen-Spider

[ATUALIZAÇÃO] Due to the great boom generated by the news, Sony and Disney returned to negotiate the future of the friend.