Social Comics releases Bloodshot comics online and free of charge; check out more about the character!

 Social Comics releases Bloodshot comics online and free of charge;  check out more about the character!

In the week of launching Bloodshot in theaters, the Social Comics who launches the character’s comics in Brazil released the first two comics online and free of charge.

Thus, editions 0 and 1 are available on a special website, along with a complete dossier of information about the character.

The publications will be available on the publisher’s special website for one month, without the need for registration.

More about the character:

Bloodshot was created by Kevin VanHook and Yvel Guichet in 1992. Its first appearance occurred a year later, on the pages of the magazine Rai # 0. The character quickly became one of the great successes of the Valiant, gaining its own publication.

Originally the work was about Angelo Mortalli, a gangster who was modified and used in the Ascending Spirits Project after being betrayed by the mafia he worked for.

In 2012, Valiant rebooted all of its stories, creating the current origin of Bloodshot presented in HQ. In it, Ray Garrison was resurrected to participate in the same project as his predecessor, having his memory erased and replaced by false memories. In the process nanites were inserted into his blood, giving him powers such as regeneration, metamorphosis and superhuman strength. After discovering his true past, he sets out to find answers and revenge against those who ruined his life.

At the movies

The character will be played by Vin Diesel, where we will accompany Ray Garrison a soldier killed in combat who was brought back to life by a corporation to become the superhuman Bloodshot.

With a nano-technological army running through its veins, it is a perfect weapon – with unmatched strength and instant healing power. But in controlling your body, the corporation also takes control of your mind and memories. Ray doesn’t know the difference between what’s real and what’s not, but he’s on a mission to find out the truth.

In the cast we still have Toby Kebbell, Sam Heughan, Eiza Gonzalez, Michael Sheen, Talulah Riley and Alex Hernandez.

Eric Heisserer took care of the script and the direction Dave Wilson.

Bloodshot arrives on March 12 in Brazil.