Simpsons: showrunner talks about series “predicting” killer wasps and coronavirus

Simpsons: showrunner talks about series ter

Simpsons: showrunner talks about series ter
Photo: Disclosure / Fox Broadcasting Company

On the air since December 1989, the animated series The Simpsons is known for its predictions and, as for the events of 2020, two relationships have already been made, connecting the coronavirus and the “killer wasps” to stories already told in the series.

In the episode Marge in Chains, the 21st of the fourth season, is reported a strange flu that Osaka, Japan, affects the residents of Springfield. The correlation made by fans with the coronavirus as an “Asian flu” was considered racist by Bill Oakley, one of the writers of the episode, and for that reason he does not like to affirm this prediction. However, on his Twitter, he does not deny the relationship with the wasps present in the same episode:

Simpsons: showrunner talks about series ter

“Merd *, The Simpsons really predicted 2020”, says a fan, to which Oakley replies with “Okay, I think we predicted”.

In real life, the insects in question are the Mandarine Wasps, also called Asian Giant Wasps, a species that reaches five centimeters and, contrary to the sensational titles of recent articles, are not so murderous: just like bees , only attack humans if they are disturbed.

What will be the next forecast in the series?

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