Simonal swing and extravaganza hit theaters on August 8

Simonal swing and extravaganza hit theaters on August 8

THE Downtown Movies just released the trailer for Simonal, biography of the artist who owns hits like “My Lemon, My Lemon Tree“,”Tropical country” and “Don’t Come”. COnfir

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With direction Leonardo Domingues, the film opens in August 8 and brings Fabrício Boliveira as responsible for embodying Simona’s malemolence and irreverence, as he was known in the music scene of the 60’s and 70’s. Isis Valverde, the wife Tereza, and Leandro Hassum, who plays Carlos Imperial, first to recognize Simonal’s talent.

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The production accompanies Simonal from his meteoric success, when he conquered space in the music scene with the balance of his compositions and the originality of his performances. The musician became a public and critical success and gained space on TV with his own program, breaking paradigms of society. The “King of Pilantragem” started to show wealth and popularity, always alongside his faithful and inseparable Tereza. Responsible for signing the soundtrack of the feature, their children Simoninha and Max Castro they are also portrayed in production. In addition to the peak of his career, the biopic shows the fall of Simonal, after being considered as an informant for Dops, during the dictatorship period.

As a way to contextualize the time, other important names of the period gain space in production, such as Erasmo Carlos, Ronaldo Boscoli, Luis Carlos Miele and Elis Regina. The cast has Mariana Lima, Silvio Guindane, Claudio Mendes, Caco Ciocler, Bruce Gomlevsky, Fabricio Santiago, Leticia Isnard, João Velho and Dani Ornelas.

Before becoming a biopic, Simonal’s life was the subject of the documentary Nobody Knows How Hard I Gave, 2009, directed by Cláudio Manoel, Micael Langer and Calvito Leal. Simonalincluding references to the film, in addition to biographies Neither Comes That Doesn’t Have – The Life and Poison of Wilson Simonal, in Ricardo Alexandre, and Simonal: Who doesn’t have a swing dies with a mouth full of ants, in Gustavo Alonso.

Director Leonardo Domingues also participated in the documentary’s post-production process.

Simonal is a production of Vanishing Points, with coproduction of Globo Films and Telecine. Distribution is Downtown Movies.

Simonal hits theaters on the day August 8.