Showrunner talks about Andrew Lincoln leaving The Walking Dead


Angela Kang, Showrunner of The Walking Dead, spoke during an interview about Andrew Lincoln’s departure from the series.

“The main objective of this season is to pay homage to this character as much as possible, the person responsible for bringing so many viewers to the show. Rick Grimes has always been a character that people loved to watch, loved his journey. He is the man who seeks his family and finds her. Then he loses some of them, but he is always strong and fighting.
It means a lot to the fans. And we want to say a very respectful farewell and
exciting. That was our responsibility.

Now we change the protagonist. The show has always been a collective story and not just a single man. He helped a lot for the other actors to carry a positive legacy of everything he taught and prepared over the years. Now we have this fantastic cast that will do their best just like Andrew did “, he concluded.

Producer Angela Kang has also confirmed that the ninth season will have a time jump. The female characters Michonne, played by Danai Gurira, Carol, played by Melissa McBride and Maggie, Lauren Cohan’s character, will gain prominence.

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By Milena Costa