She-Ra and the Princesses of Power | Season 4 review

 She-Ra and the Princesses of Power |  Season 4 review

And our Adora and her friends came back with everything in this 4th season of She-Ra and the Princesses of Power. Talking about loss, the consequences and how to take a position you didn’t expect, and still dealing with friends and demands, was a sensational way out. But the series goes even further and puts Felina in a very complicated position of power…

SPOILER ALERT: This article contains information about the main events of the episode. Continue reading at your own risk.

At first it is very strange to see Scintillant sad in the corners, but Queen Angela shows the clear lack she makes in all the characters, and their pain in having to overcome a loss and focus on the war that is in front of them. Adora and Arqueiro do their best to keep it quiet, but what they need is love for each other and more companionship.

And the power also ends up taking Shimmer out of the game, as she has to hold meetings and strategies for the kingdom, while the others go on missions and get closer, and she only knows everything by video conference. And this absence in the life of Adora and Archer makes her jealous, and worse, we have Dark and Double Trouble to disrupt everything …

Double trouble is a shapeshifter and paid for by Felina ends up infiltrating the Rebels, which makes Horde always one step ahead. Only Felina also gets complicated, because thirsty for power she ends up feeling even above Hordak, even more with her knowing her weaknesses, and hallucinating she even loses Scorpia.

The development of the season is this quest to stay together and show that friendship and love is what will be above the Horde’s plans. The problem is that it is difficult with Double Trouble between them, only that Dark helps Shimmer to become stronger, and yet there is something behind it that needs to be expanded.

The cool thing is that in the middle of all this we have important moments to develop the princesses and their friends. The episode focused on Serena and her discovering who the traitor is in the middle of the Rebellion was thrilling, especially with the ending and Salíneas being dominated, the princess is really destroyed.

Icy convincing Scorpia that she is a princess and that everyone is friends, no matter how different they are, it was very good. In the same way, Huntara and Perfuma end up losing their initial prejudices between them and find similarities and their strengths. Even Spinerella and Netossa end up gaining their prominence during the season.

And the search for Entrapta, which is key to understanding the weapon of the Primeiros, ends up not only bringing the curious princess, but it is also shown that King Marcus was reclusive on Isle of Beasts, feeding on insects.

Now, in general we see Adora wanting to know what weapon Mara comments on and it is in the episode focused on Madame Rizzo, where she keeps her mind traveling between present, past and future that everything becomes clearer. The cool thing is that the villain ends up not even being the Horde after all … The first ones messed with the Hope of Light program to turn the weapon on anyway and make the key destroy all the enemies of the First.

The point is that Etheria is the weapon … All princesses are pillars of energy that must be connected so that the key, She-Ra and her sword, can destroy everything. The way out was sensational and what Adora does is take Ether from Despondo, placing the planet in the sights of enemies.

Without She-Ra, because Adora broke the sword, the planet managed to get rid of Hordak’s troops, but now an even worse evil appears … Master Hordak, the emperor of the real Horde, who now has Scintillant and Feline in his ship. Felina further assures him that he will need Shimmer to use Etheria’s power.

Now is to wait and see what will be She-Ra and the Princesses of Power, because the series has evolved so much its plots and the development of its characters, that we are increasingly intrigued to where Noelle Stevenson, the showrunner of the series, will take the plots.