Shazam! or Captain Marvel? How the film will deal with the hero’s name

Shazam!  or Captain Marvel?  How the film will deal with the hero’s name

The Shazam! is in evidence because of the trailer for the hero film, which was released last weekend. But anyone who is a good connoisseur of comics knows that the character’s original name was none other than Captain Marvel. Yes, you didn’t read it wrong: your name referred to DC’s biggest rival.

Find out more about this curious story and how the issue should be addressed in the film, which will debut in theaters in April 2019.

Young Billy Batson said Shazam! for the first time still in 1939, but at that time, he was known as Captain Marvel and was actually created by the publisher Fawcett Comics.

However, the company soon had to face a lawsuit filed by the publisher that gave rise to DC (National Allied Publications), under the allegation that Captain Marvel would infringe Superman’s copyright. This court battle has spanned the Golden Age of Comics.

With the fall in popularity of comics in the 1950s, Fawcett Comics, after a few years, decided to stop selling comics and ended up paying $ 400,000 in damages to National Allied Publications to end this story. So Captain Marvel spent a lot of time out of the spotlight.

In 1972, DC (which still had its old name) got the rights to Captain Marvel of Fawcett Comics and decided to relaunch it on the market, as it was a hero that had a certain popularity. However, Marvel ended up creating its Captain Marvel in 1967.

The idea, then, was to rename the hero with the magic word that made Billy Batson become a hero: Shazam! In the beginning, the subtitle of his comic was “The original Captain Marvel”, but the company received a letter from Marvel in which it asked for DC to abandon that name altogether. Otherwise, it would be processed.

Thus, the publisher had no choice but to rename it Shazam !, a name that remains in effect today.

Zachary Levi, one of the actors who will play the hero in the film, was asked at the San Diego Comic-Con whether the feature would address this issue of the character’s name.

“Honestly, you will have to wait until April 2019 to find the answer to that question. I do not know what to say. But I can say it was fun, ”said Levi.

Taking into account the last part of the actor’s sentence, we can imagine that there should be some amusing reference on the question “Shazam or Captain Marvel” within the film. Will Billy Batson and Freddy consider this an option before dismissing it as ridiculous? We should really only have one answer when the film opens next year.