Shazam! may be the best DC movie

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So says the first impression of a fan who had his opinion released by We Got This Covered. This fan checked the film in a test screening, which is actually very common to assess the audience’s reaction and see if the film will work.

See the fan’s opinion:

“I went to see ‘Shazam!’ with low expectations and I was surprised. This may be the best DC movie so far, even more fun than ‘Aquaman’. It’s well written, with great jokes. Zachary Levi shines in the title role. Mark Strong is also great as his enemy, Doctor Sivana. He is powerful, scary and funny too. The rest of the cast is also doing very well. in relation to the rest of the DCEU (I’m talking about big surprises for DC fans!). The visual effects and action look great. My biggest problem is with the Seven Deadly Sins, which were nothing but a generic punching bag for the heroes to fight. And their design was pretty tedious. But other than that, I loved everything about the film and I can’t wait to watch it again (and again) “

Shazam is in the comics the young Billy Batson, who when saying the word “Shazam”, initials of Solomon, Hercules, Atlas, Zeus, Achilles and Mercury, transforms from a simple boy into an adult of superhuman strength and lightning powers . He has already demonstrated that he can fight side by side with Superman or even against him. The film is scheduled to debut in April 2019.

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By Milena Costa