Seu Jorge and Naruna Costa star in Irmandade’s first trailer; check out!

 Seu Jorge and Naruna Costa star in Irmandade's first trailer;  check out!

THE Netflix today launched the official trailer for Brotherhood, an eight-episode series produced by O2 Movies. The video presents the story of Cristina (Naruna Costa), Edson (Seu Jorge), Darlene (Hermila Guedes), Ivan (Lee Taylor), Andrade (Danilo Grangheia), Carniça (Pedro Wagner) and Marcel (Wesley Guimarães), among other characters, showing how their lives end up intertwined by crime.

The narrative of Brotherhood it is told from the point of view of Cristina and Edson, two brothers who live in such different and yet very close realities. Cristina, an honest and dedicated lawyer, discovers that Edson, her brother who was arrested when she was still a child, is today the leader of a rising criminal faction – known as the “Brotherhood”. To save her own skin after committing a crime, she is forced by the police to become an informant and work against her own brother. By infiltrating the Brotherhood, on a risky and dangerous mission, she comes into contact with her darker side, and begins to question her own notions of justice.

Brotherhood, new national Netflix series with Seu Jorge, gets first photos!

Created by Pedro Morelli, which also signs the Directorate-General, Brotherhood has production of Andrea Barata Ribeiro and Bel Berlinck, in addition to Morelli, and has Felipe Sant’Angelo as chief screenwriter.

Brotherhood has global debut on Netflix on October 25.