Series about the goalkeeper Bruno is canceled by TV Globo

Series about the goalkeeper Bruno is canceled by TV Globo

The series on former goalkeeper Bruno, sentenced to 20 years and 9 months for the murder of Eliza Samúdio, it will not leave the paper. After much internal discussion and revolt on social networks, the project will not be shown on TV Globo.

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The case of Eliza Samúdio

In 2010, the Eliza Samúdio case gained a lot of repercussions. At the time, the model and actress had a relationship with then Flamengo goalkeeper, Bruno Fernandes.

According to the media, by informing him that she was pregnant, the player would have planned his death.

After a long trial in March 2013, Bruno was sentenced to 20 years and 9 months for triple-qualified homicide (nasty motive, asphyxiation and use of resources that hindered the victim’s defense), kidnapping, private imprisonment and concealment of a corpse.

In July 2019, former goalkeeper Bruno gained the benefit of the home semi-open regime, after serving the time necessary for progression of the sentence, as provided for in the Law of Penal Executions (LEP).

The series about goalkeeper Bruno was canceled

According to journalist Patrícia Kogut, a columnist for, Globoplay gave up on carrying out the production of the series that would be directed by Amora Mautner and written by Lucas Paraizo.

The actress Vanessa Giácomo was already confirmed in the role of the victim Eliza Samúdio. The series proposal had already caused revolt in social networks and even among employees of Rede Globo, as the author Gloria Perez.

Still according to the columnist, even with the cancellation of the series on the former goalkeeper Bruno, there is the intention of TV Globo to make new productions on known crimes.