See who are the 5 strongest heroes in the Marvel Universe

See who are the 5 strongest heroes in the Marvel Universe

In the vast Universe Marvel, there are some characters that go beyond the impossible when we enter the context of strength and power. It becomes a difficult task to determine who is the strongest or who has the most powers, whether exploited or not.

Leaving the entities and forces that have unlimited powers, we will see below a list of the 5 strongest Marvel heroes.

Strongest Marvel heroes.

5 strongest Marvel heroes

1. Wanda Maximoff, the Scarlet Witch

In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the character of Wanda Maximoff, the powerful Scarlet Witch. Despite not having all the lines of combat explored, Wanda Maximoff proves to be one of the strongest heroines of the Marvel Universe in the comics.

Wanda is an improved human who initially had her power described as manipulation of probabilities, which allowed her to deflect objects, generate energy for combustion, in general, being able to manipulate unlikely events.

Wanda’s powers take on dangerous proportions from the moment she is able to control Chaos Energy, one of the most powerful forms of energy that exists, originating from Chaos Magic. With that, the Sorceress manages to accomplish feats beyond space and time. This source of power itself is used by Wanda to change reality in the most detailed ways possible, as in.

In addition, due to the unfolding of his powers, Wanda manages to bring back to life some people who died in the comics (his brother, for example, Pietro Maximoff), erase or create the existence of beings on the terrestrial plane (his children) and including stealing pieces of the soul of Mephisto, the demon responsible for the extra-dimensional land of the dead.

A little further, after receiving training from Doctor Strange and Agatha Harkness, Wanda achieves the use of Magic on the Omega level, which allows her to teleport, generate force fields, control the thoughts of several people at the same time, channel her energy to generate Chaos and even precognition, and may predict events that are close to happening.

With that, we can understand the location and importance of Wanda Maximoff in this list of powerful Marvel heroes.

2. Thor

Thor is the character Nordic god of Marvel. The mighty Thor has two bases for his powers: those that are his for being the son of gods, making him equally a god, and the powers that are attributed to him through the use of Mjölnir.

The extent of Thor’s powers involves the manipulation of elements – such as lightning, thunder, rain, frosts and storms -, the manipulation of the earth (after his resurrection, when he accepts his power as the son of the goddess Gaea). The god also has powers geared towards the divine super strength, an indescribable resistance, making him resist attacks even by the Phoenix Force entity.

His powers in relation to his Asgardian position of god allows him to have extraordinary speed, greater than normal vigor, longevity and youthful appearance, invulnerability in relation to human diseases, poisons, fire and other forms of attack, the ability to fly without use of the hammer, can survive in space without sleeping, eating or drinking to survive and can generate, absorb and project energy in its purest form.

Thor also has powers that involve the kineses, such as atmokinesis, aerokinesis, electrokinesis and cryocinesis, which consist of controlling the climate in the atmosphere, controlling the air itself, energy and ice, in the same order.

Apart from this infinity of powers, Thor still has powers that are bestowed upon him when using Mjölnir, one of the hero’s great sources of power in the comics. And since not only does a man live with powers, Thor also has battle skills that are of extreme necessity such as being a great fighter, an excellent strategist, having an enviable mental resistance by other heroes, Thor can speak the language of all other planets and he still has an unlimited knowledge of magic that he learned from watching his brother, Loki, the god of cheating.

3. Jean Gray the Phoenix

Jean Elaine Gray she is first described as an empath, telepath and gifted user of the telekinetic powers she possesses. In the beginning, Jean was able to control people’s emotions and thoughts, project their own emotions and have physical control over people.

Having reached the level of the Omega telepath, Jean Gray cannot deal with the strength of his telepathic power, asking for help from Professor Xavier, also a telepath, to block Jean’s access to his power. Over the time that she was trained in other skills, Jean Gray’s telepathy evolved in a normal way, allowing her to learn to control her powers again.

With proper training, Jean started to control several people at the same time, create illusions in people’s minds, change memories, have access to skills, control physical abilities and even communicate with some more intelligent animals, such as dolphins, dogs and crows.

Jean Gray has also hosted the Phoenix Force, a very powerful cosmic entity from the Marvel universe. The point is that in the comics, after some time, Jean manages to have control over the power of the entity and ends up reversing the roles. She manages to have control over the wills, bringing to herself the title of “White Phoenix of the Crown”.

In a certain arc of the comics, Jean takes the strength of the entity that was hosted on Emma Frost’s body and claims the entity for herself, proving to be stronger than the regular heroes. It takes a lot of power to influence the will of a cosmic entity.

Heroin still has great mastery in telekinesis and psychic energy synthesis, which allows him to create shields, explosions, simulate levitation and allow him to move quickly in the most diverse fields, extending this power even to other people. And aside from all her extraordinary powers, she is also trained in piloting and hand-to-hand combat, has vast knowledge in the field of fashion and studies in the field of psychology.

4. Stephen Strange, Doctor Strange

The powers of the Doctor Strange they are of immense vastness. Its sphere of power transitions between the use of multi-versatile energies, teleportation, the use of portals between dimensions, alteration of reality, astral projections, among other things.

His training as a magician made his powers reach unimaginable limits, so Doctor Strange may be able to use forces from other sources other than the energy available to him in the universe, being able to use his knowledge to summon and channel energy and the power of powerful entities, including being able to channel the power of the well-known cosmic entities in the Marvel universe.

At times, he even makes use of “black magic”, a source of obscure power that is not much explored by the magicians where Stephen was raised, but which he only accesses in cases of extreme need.

In addition, Doctor Strange makes use of enchantments linked to mystical forces and some artifacts that help him defend the multiverses. The best known objects are The Eye of Agamotto, The Levitation Cape and The Sphere of Agamotto. These three items allow you to generate strong bursts of energy, defend yourself from attacks, fly and consult certain visions about the future.

He is capable of mastering physical or non-physical materials, transiting between multiverses, manipulating the mystical energy of the Marvel universe, high levels of telepathy and telekinesis, astral communication with the dead or alive, he has the ability to consult the present, past and future.

Stephen also proves to be able to use the power of the Jewels of Infinity, and we can see that in the dos film, where he consults different resolutions of the battle of his allies against Thanos and still manages to potentiate his own power with the use of the Time Stone.

5. Carol Danvers, Captain Marvel

THE Captain Marvel it acquired its powers after being exposed in an explosion of a Kree device, being saved by the friend and alien Mar-Vell. In the explosion, the device causes the genetic structure of Mar-Vell and Carol to come together, transmitting the alien genes to the human, which later discovers it has become a human-Kree hybrid.

Some of Danvers’ powers resemble those of Thor, which gives him some superhuman advantages. Heroin has superhuman vigor and strength, being able to go through the most diverse situations without tiredness or fatigue for approximately 24 hours, before the signs start to appear, apart from its extraordinary strength, being able to support weights of up to 70 tons. We can see a demonstration of his power when Danvers withstood the weight of dead Celestial falling towards Earth.

Its durability in combat is beyond expectations, being resistant to several situations that would make any other less powerful hero easily killed. Her agility and reflexes are improved, allowing the heroine to anticipate movements and attacks, and also having total control over her body and balance. Along with this, Danvers still has the ability to fly, both in terrestrial atmosphere and in space, being able to cross galaxies and transit through space.

Captain Marvel’s powers involve, in its main state, the manipulation of the most varied forms of energy. With this, she is able to absorb energy to enhance her abilities in the most varied ways possible. The use of energy also extends to the creation of shields, explosion, the use of photon energy, absorption and modification of energy for the most varied forms and occasions.

Danvers has skills aimed at slowing down your aging, healing factor, altering biomass and even metamorphosis. In a comic book arc, it is even commented that his molecular regeneration ability was more comprehensive and more effective than Wolverine’s.

And aside from all her acquired skills, as well as Jean Gray, she also has extreme skill in flying planes and a high level of espionage, legacies of her time serving in the Air Forces. His hand-to-hand ability is also part of his training while serving the country. Carol also speaks several languages ​​and even ventures into the journalistic field at some points during her career in the comics.

See who are the 5 strongest heroes in the Marvel Universe

The list does not have all the strongest characters in the Marvel universe, but it does have the most outstanding in relation to their powers and their use, which is an important factor. Recalling that entities, the board and Above All do not enter the list because they do not play the role of heroes in the comics, but rather, forces outside the realm of multiverse superheroes.

And if you are interested in the universe of Marvel comics, be sure to research and read more stories of the characters. I guarantee that you will be able to find interesting facts, just as I found preparing this list for you. Exchange, turn it off!