See what are the 5 most romantic songs in history

See what are the 5 most romantic songs in history

If we combine all the love songs already done, it would be possible to go around the Earth several times. Each of the songs was made full of affection and love, to generate feelings in people, whether they are happy or sad. Several singers have already made love songs, however, only a few have marked the lives of many people at the same time.

Here is a list of the 5 songs that most marked the story.

Most romantic songs in history

– Nat King Cole

As old as it is, the song became very popular, and it was re-recorded by several singers. Written by Victor Young and Edward Heyman in 1952, the song took shape in the voice of jazz pianist, Nat King Cole.

Years later, his daughter, Natalie Cole, re-recorded singing along with the voice of her father, who had already passed away in 1996. The duo won two Grammys in the same year and became well known by the couples for being part of their romantic encounters at the time.

– Elvis Presley

The song made in 1961 was part of the soundtrack of the film, starring the singer. The following year, it topped the British charts, becoming one of the most played songs, and it expanded to the rest of the world.

The song is considered one of the most romantic and beautiful of all time.

– Whitney Houston

Originally, the song was made by country singer Dolly Parton in 1974, but became known for Whitney Houston’s re-recording for the film in 1992.

The Houston version was a worldwide hit, appearing at number 68 on the Billboard list. At the time, it was voted one of the best songs of all time.

– Céline Dion

Known for cinema screens, it was the theme of the film , in 1997. Music has marked many generations and still marks. As well known as it may be, it was not made exclusively for the film, but for the singer’s album,.

The song reached the top on several music charts, including the UK and the United States.

– Ed Sheeran

In a calm and light rhythm to dance hugged, the song that was made by the British singer made another one on the world charts.

The song won a diamond record for sales and reproductions on digital platforms. Not to mention that he was the second most successful star.