See the top 5 foreign movies to watch on Netflix

Veja os 5 melhores filmes estrangeiros para assistir na Netflix

The subject of the moment on social networks now is the foreign Netflix productions! With the debut of films and series like, and, European and Asian productions are gaining more and more space within the world entertainment market.

Following this trend, we separate the 5 best foreign films for you to watch and fall in love on Netflix, look!

Best foreign movies on Netflix

1 –

Mathilda is a girl of only 12 years old, but she has been through the darkest situations in her life: her father is abusive and helps corrupt policemen to hide drugs, besides being neglected by her mother.

León, his neighbor, is a hit man for one of the gangsters in town, but he is passionate about his little plants in his house.

When Mathilda’s family is brutally murdered by a rogue anti-drug agent, the girl joins the killer to learn about her business and avenge her family.

2 –

With an unprecedented form of production, the film impresses everyone by being made through paintings in the same style as the painter Van Gogh!

The story is also based on the painter and creates a universe of events dated after his suicide, when he would have written a letter to his brother who never reached his final destination.

Thus, Armand Roullin finds the letter and decides to deliver the correspondence himself, traveling to the French city of Arles in the hope of finding a relative of the late artist.

Upon arriving there, he begins an investigation with other Van Gogh acquaintances to determine whether he really killed himself, or whether it was all armed.

3 –

Everything goes well in Adrian’s life, until the day he wakes up in a hotel and finds his dead lover, covered in money, at his side.

With that, he turns to the best defense attorney to try to find out what really happened the night before.

4 –

Now let’s talk about one of the best animations ever produced in the Netflix catalog!

The plot is about the story of a young woman, Parvana, who lives in Afghanistan, under the control of the authoritarian Taliban government. One day, her father is imprisoned unfairly and she needs to disguise herself as a boy in order to be able to work and support her entire family.

5 –

A film that deals with Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder in a light and full of humor.

When six characters with OCD come together in the waiting room of a psychiatrist, who never arrives, they will have to come to their own conclusions and help each other with their problems.

In this period of social isolation, knowing a little more about foreign culture and productions is a great option to spend your free time, it is worth the investment!