See the 5 biggest Winners of the RuPaul’s Drag Race

See the 5 biggest Winners of the RuPaul’s Drag Race

Season 12 is currently underway, but there is nothing better than remembering the 5 best and biggest Winners do, who earned their post each in their own way.

As it is a matter of opinion, the ranking is very relative, especially when thinking that each winner of the competition had a specific reason for receiving this title and, therefore, can be evaluated in the most diverse ways possible.

To make the process easier, the winners of the event will not be suggested (not least because there were only 4 editions in which all the results generated a lot of controversy).

logo of the program Rupaul's Drag Race with drag queen Rupaul posing next to the name of the program

This article contains spoilers from some seasons.

5. Bob the Drag Queen – Season 8

Photo of drag queen Bob the drag queen posing for the photo with a bag pointing forward

Bob the Drag Queen conquered his post with an incredible personality, a lot of comedy and playing ability.

The queen captivated from the viewers to the judges, and RuPaul, with his incredible humor, devastating in all the acting challenges and the “Snatch Game”.

His “Snatch Game” was doubly incredible, as he played two characters in a hilarious way. What she sinned in her looks, she brought in personality.

She is on this list because, even though she was not the best in all the challenges, she won over the audience and managed to keep her prominence outside of, with the production of podcasts with Monet X Change, a participant in the 10th season of, and acting in miniseries of Netflix,.

The figure of Bob is remembered by most fans with great affection, either for his quick and funny responses to everyone, or for his catchphrase of the season – “purse first” – and, therefore, deserves to be seen as one of the best winners of the .

4. Aquaria – Season 10

Photo of the drag queen Aquaria

The drag, daughter of Sharon Needles, deserves her place on that list, mainly because she showed that she was much more than a pretty face and that the idea that internet drag queens have no talent is simply prejudice.

Aquaria, in addition to being the youngest queen to win, she was also one of the only queens of “looks” who did well in acting challenges and won the “Snatch Game” in an amazing and very funny performance by the first lady in the United States, Melania Trump. The winner was even the first competitor to win both – the ball challenge and the “Snatch Game”.

The queen proved to be much more mature than several competitors older than her, understanding criticism, growing more and more in each episode and clearly earning her post as Next Drag Superstar.

Aquaria represented, and very well, the new generation of drags, who use social networks, and grew up watching, after all. he only had to dub in the final and won 3 challenges, 2 of them being the most traditional of the.

Currently, she continues to do shows, participate in programs on YouTube linked to the competition and is even more popular on social networks than she was before.

3. Sharon Needles – Season 4

Drag queen Sharon Needles photo

Although not as prominent today, as the other queens on that list, Sharon Needles it was fundamental for the development of how to show, since, by proving that drag queens outside the traditional can, yes, develop incredible looks and make memorable performances.

The show left the line focused on pageant queens (beauty pageant queens) as before, changing even the challenges of the next seasons to something more inclusive.

Due to her victory being a great watershed in the program’s history, she is one of the most cited queens in the past, having even been one of the characters played in the “Snatch Game” of the 7th season by Max.

In addition to changing everything, Sharon Needles can be considered one of the most unique queens that have ever appeared on the show, allowing a range of more diverse dragons to wish to participate, like Yvie Oddly, from the 11th season.

What made Sharon win was a mixture of great competence in relation to the challenges, after all, she won 4 of them and only dubbed once during her entire season.

The drag caught the attention of the public since the first episode with its apocalyptic look of a mummy that spit blood from the mouth and, on top of that, was responsible for one of the best fights of all with Phi Phi O’Hara.

Her strong, fun personality and very well-developed style made Sharon Needles the winner of her season and one of the show’s best winners.

2. Jinkx Monsoon – Season 5

Photo of drag queen Jinkx Monsoon

Jinkx Monsoon won the affection of the public in his season, mainly due to the exclusion and bullying that he suffered from other queens, most of the times by the so-called pageant queens.

In addition to the issue of exclusion, Jinkx had impeccable personality and comedy, which pleased the majority of the audience very much, making her looks, generally, terrible lacks, when thinking about the entertainment caused by her in the episodes of the show. And we cannot forget the “water off duck’s back”, which only made us want to put it in a little pot and protect it from criticism.

The drag queen was the underdog of season 5 who proved to be extremely talented in challenges such as the “Snatch Game”, completely changing the style and ideal performances of this traditional challenge, and other acting activities that shone above all others. others for their exaggerated mood.

The mixture of an incredible talent for comedy and acting together with the oppression of other competitors, mainly Roxxxy Andrews, made the queen the most beloved of the public. After yours, in the last episode of the season against Detox, it became clear who should be the winner of the season for everyone, including RuPaul.

Currently, in addition to the typical shows he already played, Jinkx Monsoon invests in his singing career with the production of musical albums, starting his solo career with, in 2014. In addition to music, the drag queen has prominence when dubbing the American version of the character Emerald, in Cartoon Network drawing.

1. Bianca Del Rio – Season 6

Photo of drag queen Bianca Del Rio

There was no way to choose a winner other than her, since Bianca wins in all possible questions in relation to the other winners.

The drag was not only the most qualified of its season, but also one of the most stable queens in the world. After all, Bianca Del Rio never had to voice, won 3 challenges and was never considered one of the 3 worst.

To improve her status as the best winner of, the drag queen won over most viewers for her acid humor mixed with a heart of gold, helping the other contestants on numerous occasions. His personality was so adored by the fans that even today his catchphrases, like “Not today Satan, not today” are used in the competition and you can see his marks all over the world.

Currently, Bianca continues to be famous for producing films in the style of Adam Sandler, called (Hurricane Bianca), which were successful around the world.

The main criticisms of her are motivated by the content of some of her jokes, addressing extremely heavy topics like rape, but in addition to this escape from the politically correct, drag is adored by fans and everyone who knows her, being one of the most successful drags outlets of .