See the 5 best horror short films to watch

See the 5 best horror short films to watch

Horror Short Films is a great entertainment option for those who like stories that leave you without sleep at night, but that go straight to the point. Even though they are very brief plots, they manage to cause tension in the viewers and guarantee that cold in the belly.

There are very clever and original scripts out there, so we have listed the five best short films of the genre, worth checking out.


The list already begins with a work that scares anyone. In, a woman sees an amazing silhouette in the hallway of her house every time she turns off the light, and disappears when she turns it on. The work of director David F. Sandberg was what gave rise to the film of the same name in 2016.


Written and directed by Levi Morgan, the short film brings a dark mood to show a man in his house, who realizes that he is not alone when his phone starts responding to orders he did not give. The situation is even more frightening when he sees a frightening shadow staring at him around the house.


In this French short – written by Nils Vleugels – a couple taking a car trip makes a stop to go to a bathroom by the road, however, things end up very different than they expected.


In this AJ Briones plot, a little girl is attracted to a smiling and very strange man inside her own house and, although it seems to be very playful, her game is very bloody.


Produced by Rodrigo Blaas, it is a special short on that list because it is an animation, but don’t be fooled, the dark atmosphere is still present.

Alma is a little girl who sees a doll, identical to her, in the window of a toy store, however, she only gets in when the door opens for her alone, and that’s when she has a very dark surprise.