See Like Father, Like Daughter Today | Available on Netflix

See Like Father, Like Daughter Today |  Available on Netflix

Second Sunday in August, best known in Brazil and in several other countries such as Father’s Day. The date is commercial, but still very special for many families and, thinking about it, Netflix has launched in the last days a production beyond that special to be enjoyed mainly today.

Like Father, Like Daughter is an American dramatic comedy film starring Kristen Bell and Kelsey Grammer and tells the story of a young woman about to get married named Rachel. Addicted to work, the girl cannot leave her cell phone even on the day of the wedding, which leads her boyfriend to give up at the altar.

Things only get worse for the girl when she realizes that her father, who abandoned him as a child and never came back to visit her, showed up at his wedding and saw the whole tragedy. After talking – and drinking a lot! – together, she decides not to miss the Caribbean cruise she had hired as her honeymoon, but the idea of ​​taking her father along may promises further confusion.

The film arrived on Netflix on August 3, with direction and script by Lauren Miller Rogen and available both in dubbed versions, according to the trailer above, and with subtitles in Portuguese;

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