See all about ‘Black Is King’, the new Disney movie

new Disney movie

Just over a week after leaving fans stunned by, Beyonce has another novelty to come out of the oven. On July 31, a film written, directed and produced by herself, will be released, this is her new visual project in an exclusive partnership with the Disney +.

The film will act as a visual record of the album, an album created by the singer for the , which Beyoncé voices the lioness Nala.

At a press conference held by Disney and the artist’s label, he stated:

it is a celebratory memory for the world about the Preta experience. The film is a story for the ages, which informs and reconstructs the present. A meeting of cultures and beliefs shared by generations. A story of how people who were left most hurt have an extraordinary gift and a purposeful future.

new Disney movie

, all about the new Disney movie

The trailer with a little more than a minute was released on the 28th of last month, showing concepts, colors and a mysterious air of what the film can be.

Brief scenes show the singer holding a baby in her lap, in others, she appears dressed as a queen, with black people. THE anti-racist struggle it’s the black stone have been a central theme of his latest work, and again he holds that flag with the new movie.

Check out the trailer: