See 5 romance books to get in the mood for Valentine’s Day

See 5 romance books to get in the mood for Valentine’s Day

Romantic books they sweeten the heart and sharpen everyone’s imagination. And in a climate of Valentine’s Day they can be great company, even for singles.

So, here are some tips from romantic books of all kinds for this remarkable date:

Valentine’s Day: books to get in the mood

1), Rainbow Rowell

Eleanor & Park

A teen romance, but with a singularity. It tells the story of Park and Eleanor, a girl who broke all standards. The girl faced several conflicts, both with herself and family. He knows Park, in the midst of the chaos that was going on, getting involved and seeing him as an escape valve for all that.

In addition to addressing important issues such as feminism, beauty standards and abusive relationships, the story shows all the purity that involved the two and with an unexpected ending.

2), Kiera Cass

The selection

It is a collection of three books with the history of America, a commoner who enters a competition in the castle between several girls in search of marrying Prince Maxon and becoming the new princess. However, America had no interest in this, which makes the story more exciting, since its development is marked by surprises and a great expectation around the novels that appear in the middle.

The description of everyone involved in the story is extremely detailed and all of America’s passages with Maxon make the reader even more involved.

3) It Just Happens, Cecelia Ahern

It just happens

The book that inspired the film was a world-wide one. It tells the story of two childhood friends who have always been very close. Alex and Rosie had plans to live abroad and graduate together. Alex was always in love with Rosie, but he always hid it. Due to an unforeseen event, Rosie is unable to follow the course at a university with her friend.

The story of the two is marked by several disagreements, with many disagreements and comings and goings. Many conflicts are called into question, both old and some newer. But everything is always very well planned, with an exotic romanticism.

4) For all the boys I’ve ever loved, Jenny Han

For all the boys I've ever loved

Another trilogy that inspired the success of movies on Netflix was a success. The story is based on Lara Jean, who wrote letters to all the boys she had already fallen in love with, but never sent. But, due to an incident, these letters reach their senders causing enormous confusion.

Here comes Peter, the boy who starred in the last written letter. Peter dated one of the most popular girls in high school, but, after his breakup, he makes a deal with Lara Jean so that she passes as his girlfriend to intrigue his ex. What was not expected is that the two fell in love.

5) As I was before you, Jojo Moyes

How I was before you

Louise was a lively girl, without many ambitions in life and extremely attached to her family. But after being fired from her job, she takes over as Will’s caregiver.

Will was a handsome and extremely active boy who, after a traffic accident, loses all movement. The two get involved and show that, for love, there are no barriers. However, the ending is unexpected and is beyond all standards.