Season 2 of The Curse of the Hill Residence will have another family

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In the first season of The Curse of the Hill Residence, an original Netflix series based on Shirley Jackson’s Haunting of the Hill House, the storyline touched on the life of a family who returns to their old haunted mansion, built at least eight decades to unravel a macabre mystery.

The second season is not yet confirmed by Netflix, but Mike Flanagan, director of the series, said the story will change completely if it happens: “I don’t want to speculate too much about the second season until Netflix, Paramount and Amblin tell us if they’ll want one. What I’m going to say, however, is that from what I’ve already thought about, the story of the Crain family has already been told. It’s over. I think there are all kinds of different directions we could go in, whether with the house or something completely different “

He continues: “I also love the idea of ​​an anthology. But to me, I felt like the Crains had suffered enough, and we left them just as we all wanted to remember them, the ones who worked on it. We played with a end of the cliffhanger and we played with other ideas, but in the end, in the writers room and with the cast and everything, we really felt that the story required a certain kind of closure and we were happy to do it. “

To conclude, he says: “Having said that, I think, more than anything, the show is about haunted places and haunted people, as Steve says, and there is no shortage of either. So there are several things we can do, inside or out of Hill House. “

The future of the series is still uncertain, but if it depends on your creative team, we can count on new incredible episodes.

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