SDCC 2019 | Russo brothers announce upcoming projects: Battle of The Planets films, Grimjack, and more!

 SDCC 2019 |  Russo brothers announce upcoming projects: Battle of The Planets films, Grimjack, and more!

During the panel of Russian Brothers there in SDCC 2019 in the afternoon today (19) they announced two new projects for theaters.

Anthony and Joe Russo, who commanded the last two films of the Avengers to the Marvel Studios, will produce, and who knows, direct films based on two comics stories. The first was Battle of the Planets and the second Grimjack, both productions created in the 80s.

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Launched in the late 1980s, Grimjack is graphic novel in John Ostrander, and Tim Truman, which talks about Grim Jack, known as John Gaunt, a bar owner called Muden’s in the city of Cinosura, a place where all parallel universes intersect. Grim Jack he is a man who takes people out of prison, hunts vampires, does dirty work that people don’t want to do. And he is very good at what he does …

The stories follow the character, and his team, as they set out on a mission, after Jack’s teenage daughter shows up for help. Thus, the group will need to save not only themselves, but also the entire universe.

It was launched in Brazil by Editora Cedibra, according to the Comic Book Guide.

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Already Battle of the Planets, is based on the Japanese anime called Science Ninja Team Gatchaman, and accompanies a group of five young orphans who have been trained since childhood to form an elite team called G-Force, where they vowed to protect the Earth from alien invasions.

In Brazil, animation received the title of G-Force – Space Defenders, the production aired during the 70s and 80s, and lasted more than 100 episodes.

Other projects announced were: The Eletric State, The Thomas Crown Affair, and Magic: The Gathering, an animated project for Netflix.

The film Cherry, with Tom Holland, was also introduced. Check out the logo.

The Russo Brothers have shown a logo for the next film ‘CHERRY’ that will star Tom Holland. The film will be set in their hometown and will focus on the opioid crisis. They add that it is a deeply personal story for them to tell. #SDCC

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