Scooby !: new animated film will be released directly in streaming

Scooby !: new animated film will be released directly in streaming

Scooby !: new animated film will be released directly in streaming
Photo: Disclosure / Warner Bros. Pictures

Scooby !, a new animated film from the popular Hanna-Barbera franchise, had its cinematic debut canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic and will now be released directly via streaming.

The animation will be available for rent ($ 19.99) and sale ($ 24.99) at major digital retailers in the United States and Canada from 15 May. There is still no preview of debut in Brazil.

Ann Sarnoff, Warner Bros. CEO Pictures says in a statement:

“While we are all eager to be able to show our films again in theaters, we are navigating new and unprecedented times that require creative thinking and adaptability in the way we distribute our content. We know that fans are eager to see Scooby! And we are delighted because we can offer this wellness film for families to enjoy while they are at home. “

Tony Cervone, director of the film, also comments on the media change of the release:

“The animation teams work together remotely easily. We are used to working at home and working remotely and overcoming these types of challenges. This film has consumed me in the past five years and I am very happy with the results of all this effort and hard work. This team really stood out at the time and really did a great job. “

Check out the final trailer for Scooby !:

The film was originally expected to open in theaters in May 2020.

Remember the synopsis of the animation:

“The film reveals how old friends Scooby and Sausage met and how they joined young detectives Fred, Velma and Daphne to found the famous Mystery Inc. Now, with hundreds of cases solved and shared adventures, Scooby and the crowd face their greatest and more difficult mystery: a plan to free the ghost dog Cerberus from the world. As they rush to stop this apocanolipse, the group discovers that Scooby has a secret legacy and an epic destiny more extraordinary than anyone could imagine. “

Other major releases from the studio, such as Wonder Woman 1984, are yet to be released in cinemas, being postponed as the global health situation dictates.

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