Scandal, X-Files, Medina and much more will debut in January on Globoplay

Scandal, X-Files, Medina and much more will debut in January on Globoplay

2020 already starts full of news in the Globoplay!

Among the new titles that will be available only to subscribers of the streaming platform are the expected third season of The Good Doctor, the documentary Medina, about the life of the Brazilian surfer, and Chacrinha – The Miniseries, based on the presenter’s story.

January is still the month to marathon acclaimed productions that are now available on Globoplay, as Scandal, X file and Quantico. The unprecedented Luther, starring Idris Elba, also comes to the platform with other exclusive titles, such as the Italian The Summer Only Mafia Kills and the British Mrs. Wilson and Dirty money.

Globoplay also offers subscribers Will & Grace, Mrs. Wilson, Troubled, The Son, Click, The Crossing, South of Hell, The Head of the House and Hell On Wheels.

Check out:

January 3

Troubled – 19 Episodes

After five years in prison for murdering his aunt, a teenager returns to his hometown. When a new crime occurs, he becomes the prime suspect.

January 6

The Good Doctor – 3rd Season

A young doctor with autism starts working at a famous hospital. In addition to the challenges of the profession, he will also have to prove his ability to his colleagues and superiors.

January 7

Chacrinha – The Miniseries – 4 Episodes

Extended version of the film ‘Chacrinha: O Velho Guerreiro’, with testimonials from people who were important in his life, including family, friends, chacretes, singers and singers.

January 8th

The son – 10 Episodes

The McCullough family becomes one of the most powerful in Texas with oil exploration in the early 20th century. Behind the success, a violent patriarch takes care of business. Based on the book by Phillip Meyer.

The Crossing – 11 Episodes

A small fishing village in the United States feels threatened by the arrival of a group of refugees, who claim to be coming from a distant future of war and destruction. From the creator of the ‘Matador’ series.

January 9

Click – 12 Episodes

Created by the same directors of ‘Skins’, the series features childhood friends Georgia and Holly entering university. After a few weeks, Georgia is attracted to a brotherhood, led by the mysterious teacher Jude Monroe.

January, 10

Scandal – 7 Seasons

Olivia Pope, former director of communications for the White House, opens a crisis management company and discovers that her important clients are not the only ones who have secrets.

South of Hell – 8 Episodes

Maria Abascal is an exorcist and demon hunter who, ironically, is possessed by Abigail, a creature that feeds on the evil that Abascal exorcises. While expelling the evil of others, Maria must eliminate Abigail from her own body.

January 16

Quantico – 3 Seasons

A group of brilliant recruits arrives at the FBI base in Quantico for training, but everything changes when one of them is suspected of planning a terrorist attack.

January 17

Will & Grace – 2 Seasons

Eleven years later, after both went through recent divorces, Will and Grace end up living together in Will’s apartment again.

Hell On Wheels – 5 Seasons

After the woman’s death in the American Civil War, ex-soldier Cullen Bohannon begins work on the construction of the country’s first transcontinental railway in search of revenge.

January 23rd

Dirty money – 4 Episodes

Newly arrived from Hollywood, little Isaac reveals that he was the victim of abuse by a famous filmmaker. Her parents are torn between making the case public or keeping quiet to preserve the child and everyone moving on.

January 24

Luther – 5 Seasons

John Luther is an almost genius murder detective whose brilliant mind cannot always save him from the dangerous violence of his fixations.

The Head of the House – 3 Seasons

A father finds that taking care of his children is more difficult than he thought when his wife returns to work and he has to spend more time with the children.

January 29

Mafia only kills in summer – 2 Seasons

In the late 1970s, Salvatore, a 10-year-old boy, lives with his family in the city of Palermo. From his perspective, he narrates the dilemmas of growing up in a place dominated by the mafia.

My Rock Days – 12 Episodes

Lucas and his friends from the band Coelho Branco fight for a space in the music scene. Lack of money, egos and family problems are among the rock group’s challenges.

Mrs. Wilson – 3 Episodes

Alison Wilson lives a happy marriage, but the death of her husband brings to light a world of lies and secrets, including the discovery of an alleged second wife. Based on real facts.

X file – 11 Temporadas

Special FBI agents Fox Mulder and Dana Scully reopen and investigate cases suspected of paranormal activity, while hidden forces try to stop them.

January 31st


Documentary portrays the history and personal and professional evolution of one of the biggest names in world surfing, from the perspective of family, friends and big names in the sport, such as Guga Kuerten, Kelly Slater, Mick Fanning and Lewis Hamilton.