Samsung S20 and Iphone SE: all about the new models launched today

Samsung S20 and Iphone SE: all about the new models launched today

THE Apple and the Samsung launched today (16) two new bombastic cell phone models. While Samsung sponsored the latest BBB20 party to publicize its new phone, Samsung S20, and became one of the most talked about topics on Twitter, Apple decided to improve the Iphone SE, for those who like the smaller model. Check out the news:

samsung s20 vs iphone se

Samsung Vs Apple

Samsung S20

The new model from Samsung has bold features such as a Zoom of up to 100x, recording in 8K and support for 5G, which are highlights, in addition to an Exynos 990 processor. The new line Galaxy S20 is priced from R $ 5,499 and can reach up to R $ 8,499, in the “Ultra” version.

There is also an explanation for the change in the device’s nomenclature, which by logic should be called Galaxy S11. The number “20”, in fact, marks the beginning of a new decade of innovations for the manufacturer.

iPhone SE

As many Apple users are used to the compact size of the iPhone SE, which has the same design as the iPhone 5s, the company decided to release an updated version of the model, with the same processor and with a value well below the iPhone 11.

However, the model does not have some features of the iPhone 11, such as 5G internet and the device’s unlocking system via reading the user’s face. Check out the prices that will be charged in Brazil for the new iPhone SE:

iPhone SE 64 GB: R $ 3,690i iPhone SE 128 GB: R $ 3,990i iPhone SE 256 GB: R $ 4,499