SAGA pays homage to the history of games at Brasil Game Show 2019

SAGA pays homage to the history of games at Brasil Game Show 2019

Taking advantage of all opportunities to teach and exchange knowledge is at the heart of SAGA. That is how it became the largest network of schools of games, computer graphics, design and visual effects in the country, and that is how it will mark its participation in the BGS 2019. At the fair, which takes place between the days October 9th and 13th, in São Paulo, the school will tell “Games SAGA”, Where visitors can have a complete gaming experience and learn a little about the evolution of games and consoles.

There will be six seasons, each with a game, from classics to releases. After playing, depending on their performance, the visitor will receive an exclusive art from the same game, created by artists and teachers from SAGA, who will be on hand to talk about the creation process and development curiosities. The visitor can still take a picture with cosplayers of characters from the games.

We challenge the public to complete the ‘SAGA dos Games’ by winning matches in each of the seasons and collecting, as a prize, the art of each game, that is, while having fun you also learn a little about this rich history”, Explains Alessandro Bomfim, founder and CEO of SAGA.

THE “Games SAGA”Starts with a Atari, with the classics Enduro, River Raid and Doom Patrol, passes by Street Fighter II on a Super Nintendo, fur Mario Kart 64 on a Nintendo 64, and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate on a Nintendo Switch, until you reach the Mortal Kombat 11 and the newly launched FIFA 20 at the Playstation 4.

At the SAGA stand at BGS, the public will still be able to learn about the courses offered by the school, talk to professionals about the games market, get tips on professional careers in the sector, and see some sculptures produced in clay mass, which are taught in the Playgame course and used in the development process of characters, scenarios and weapons from digital games.

The SAGA stand at BGS is on ZIP Code PB22.

More information about SAGA and its courses is available at