Sabrina’s Dark World | Season 3 review

 Sabrina's Dark World |  Season 3 review

Welcome to hell.

And with that, Sabrina’s Dark World opens its part 3 by taking the little witch Sabrina (Kiernan Shipka) to Hell to rescue her boyfriend Nick (Gavin Leatherwood) that got stuck there, and even more, sharing the body with the cunning Dark Lord (Luke Cook).

Kiernan Shipka and Jaz Sinclair in Chilling Adventures of Sabrina (2018)Sabrina’s Dark World | Season 3 review | Photo: Netflix

AND Sabrina’s Dark World continues to embrace your side teen, even if it delivers a more mature story in these new episodes. The most interesting thing about this third season of the series is how the writers managed at the same time to reduce the belly that the series had in the first seasons and to be able to run with the plot, and even then, make dragged and even tiring episodes.

In part 3, now with only 8 episodes, the narrative arcs that Sabrina and her group of friends, family, and even enemies are developed in a completely faster than agile way than has been seen in other seasons.

ImageSabrina’s Dark World | Season 3 review | Photo: Netflix

In the new year, events and conflicts are announced, and the plot already leaves for the viewer to see the various consequences that they will bring to the story, which nevertheless develops slowly, whether with the evidence for the dispute of Sabrina against the Prince of Hell, Calaban (Sam Corlett) to define who will take the throne of the place, the search of the Coven to try to recover its powers, and of course, the ease that the little witch has to rescue her shirtless boyfriend from Hell.

The new year of Sabrina’s Dark World talks about consequences, and the writers seem to have noticed the weaknesses in the development of their stories, where the team gave a gas in this third part that starts in a completely different way than it ends. The season is built in a way that culminates in the intense and frantic final episodes, where Sabrina struggles to try to reconcile her two worlds and realities that are threatened by ancient forces of gods from the past.

ImageSabrina’s Dark World | Season 3 review | Photo: Netflix

It also seems that the writers have managed to make interesting little arcs, which are out of orbit around the protagonist, for almost all supporting actors, whether with Hilda (Lucy Davis, hilarious) and your relationship with Dr. Cee (Alessandro Juliani), Zelda (Miranda Otto, great) with the leadership of the Coven, or even the mortal friends who seem to be already more accustomed to the madness and adventures that Sabrina brings into their lives. The same goes for wizards Ambrose (Chance Perdomo) and Prudence (Tati Gabrielle) in its mission to locate the Father Blackwood (Richard Coyle), who has an obsession with strange eggs and taking power again.

Relationships are also highlighted, be it Theo (Lachlan Watson) who wins a loving partner, the mysterious Robin (Jonathan Whitesell), and the double Harvey (Ross Lynch) and Ross (Jaz Sinclair) who take one step further in their relationship, even though the plot still insists on putting friendship with Sabrina in check. Even Lilith (Michelle Gomez) it seems to find a right destination for the season in terms of relationships, even if it remains in the background of the plot.

And so, Sabrina seems to choose to stay in Hell and win the place, and as we said the writers show that their actions have consequences and give us an episode 7 – The Judas Kiss with an end of season look, where everything that could go wrong has gone, in a risky bet of Sabrina’s Dark World in throwing everything up and changing the status quo of the series as a whole.

ImageSabrina’s Dark World | Season 3 review | Photo: Netflix

But when arriving at the true end of the season with episode 8 – Sabrina is Legend, the writing team doesn’t give us time to breathe and process it all. Would they keep it all, all those deaths and the complete destruction of Greendele and the Earth itself? The answer comes and comes in double dose, in a completely risky bet, and at the same time, dangerous for the future of the series.

Sabrina try to circumvent the Laws of Physics and Space-time, where we have the creation of a timeless complex, in which we see the events of the end of the season happen simultaneously in Hell, which gives the chance for witch to take advantage of this , meet with your many different selves, and go back in time to save everyone.

As Aunt Zelda says during one of the episodes, “You have a savior complex, Sabrina”. And what the little witch does, it splits in two, in three if you tell Sabrina stuck in the clay, to solve all the plot that went wrong in the past, and yet, one to take its place on Earth, and another in Hell.

The only problem is that time is not so pious, not even the new entities that wizards begin to adore, let alone the mystical being that came out of the egg with special powers that Father Blackwood managed to shock look like they will be in the next episodes.

Now, our only problem is the same as Sabrina’s, the waiting time for season 4 to debut on Netflix.

The three seasons of Sabrina’s Dark World are on Netflix.