Ryan Reynolds sings on South Korean show

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After Deadpool showed his talents in modern dance alongside Mariah Carey during a clip for the film’s sequel soundtrack, the character’s interpreter, Ryan Reynolds, impressed South Korea with his voice during his participation in King of Masked Singer, a country program.

In the program, artists take the stage wearing masks and perform blindly, so that people can discover who they are just by their voices and not be judged by their appearance. At the beginning of the performance, one of the hosts of the program praises the English pronunciation of the interpreter, without even imagining that he would be a native speaker of the English behind the mask, much less Ryan Reynolds:

The show usually receives only celebrities from the Korean industry and therefore the surprise was immense when they revealed Ryan Reynolds as the special guest of the episode. Watch the video of his performance below:

Under the cover of a unicorn, the song chosen by the actor was Tomorrow, a track by the 1982 musical Annie, one of the great classics of American cinema.

See also the moment when he revealed his identity:

The entire conversation between Ryan and the presenters was conducted with the support of a simultaneous translator who accompanied him on the program. The actor’s visit to the country was to promote his newest film, Deadpool 2, which hits theaters this week.