Russian Doll | Season 1 review

 Russian Doll |  Season 1 review

Russian Doll is the new series of Netflix, starring the actress Natasha Lyonne who arrived as he wants nothing, but, makes a very dark first year, with a bizarre plot of time travel, but it is still fun, even if extremely macabre in several aspects.

The production turns out to be, literally, like a Russian doll, where, one episode at a time, we go to discover more details of how Nadia (Lyonne, in a role that fit like a glove for an actress who looks great!), Lives to die and come back, always for her birthday night.

Critical Russian Doll | Photo: Netflix

Russian Doll is a mix of O Spell of Time (1993) with Death Congratulates You (2017), one The Good Place (Netflix) with no language, with drugs, sex and a handpicked soundtrack, where Nadia dies and re-lives numerous times, and so, throughout the season, she needs to try to find out how that happened to her, and of course, the reason, just to be with her.

The series follows the classic primer of productions of the genre, where, we have the character, die and try to adapt to this condition in different ways. In the pilot episode, 1 × 01 – Nothing in This World Is Easy, we see Nadia, die, try to survive, fail, and come back, countless times, always in the bathroom, with the luminous door, from her friend’s apartment, Maxine (Gretta Lee), who receives it, always with a greeting “Look, the birthday girl” and a suspicious cigarette.

So, in a fun way, even with a serious tone, we accompany Nadia, in different situations that result in different deaths, from being hit by a taxi, falling from the stairs, or dying with gas explosion, or even tripping in a basement when walking down the street.

Critical Russian Doll | Photo: Netflix

Russian Doll, has a mega agile rhythm, and Lyonne, holds the ends, almost all the time, where the actress, makes us follow her wide-eyed look, and leaves us intrigued to wonder, what will happen to Nadia in the next scene. Thus, thanks to the script without much detour, the series delivers a fluidity to the impressive plot. Russian Doll he wastes no time, presents and develops his characters in a very interesting way, where we meet everyone who participates in that night, from a guest at the party, or even the owner of a neighborhood store that the character is going to buy a pack of cigarettes. Throughout the innumerable round trips of the software developer, we see a little more of the character and her relationships with the rest of the cast.

Russian Doll, has an addictive and thought-provoking plot, with episodes of less than 30 minutes, which benefits to the extreme of the marathon format, where we desperately want to know what happened to the character. So, as we speak, Russian Doll, is fast, presents the complex situation of Nadia, raises most of the possible hypotheses, and already in the 1 × 03 – A Warm Body, do we have some kind of answer, or are there more questions?

The introduction of Alan (Charlie Barnett, well and with a fun performance ah there Sheldon Cooper), in the equation, creates as if it were a new doll for the interconnected plot that Russian Doll features. So, the character’s entry into the story, gives us a fun episode, 1 × 04 – Alan’s Routine. The script of the production is very well written, full of nuances, with small connections between the situations of its history, and which gets right by leaving the air, the big question that permeates the season as a whole: WHAT THE HELL HAPPENS HERE?

The plot gains a breath, during the great ones, 1 × 05 – Superiority Complex and 1 × 06- Reflection, we see Nadia and Alan, each with their own problems to solve, unravel this absurd mystery, where, in each episode, the series presents us with more and more details and options for the plot, which lead us to the curious and strange ending of season, the 1x08 – Ariadne. (no spoilers!)

In the end, Russian Doll, makes a type of comedy different from the ordinary, which should not please the general public, but it has Lyonne’s good performance, one of her greatest assets, where the actress manages to leave her character in OITNB on the side, in a series that tries to balance its darker side, with a comic text, without being crude.

You should give it a try, even if you keep the music Gotta Get Up in the head, after so much coming and going. It turns out to be totally valid, we promise.

Russian Doll available on Netflix with 8 episodes.