Run (HBO) | First impressions

 Run (HBO) |  First impressions

This is a love story. To paraphrase the opening scene of the second season of Fleabag, also written by Phoebe Weller-Bridge who signs executive production along with Vicky Jones here in Run, is perhaps the best definition to describe the new comedy of HBO who arrived on the channel to cheer us up during quarantine.

And make no mistake, even if it is little publicized or talked about, Run he debuted his first trailer a few weeks ago and flew under the radar, but for the well-trained eyes we could already suspect that we would have a good thing coming… and after his first episode, we can say, with total certainty, that Run gives us one of the best debuts of 2020.

Run makes an intriguing and completely insane first episode, where the talented and Emmy winner, Merritt Wever and the actor Domhnall Gleeson they squander unparalleled chemistry on canvas, and deliver charismatic, engaging, and truly passionate characters to us.

Merritt Wever and Domhnall Gleeson in Run (2020)Run – First Impressions | Photo: HBO

Of course, we know little about them, but when the Ruby (Wever, great) receives a text message written RUN (Run), she thinks for a few seconds what it means to her (and not the viewer), and starts running. A ticket to New York, please, as long as it’s not in the middle seat, and at 5 pm, she arrives at the train station, stops by a cosmetics store and does her hair. Who is she waiting for? The viewer who probably connected to HBO must be asked without knowing what it is about. But for people who were expecting the series to debut, the answer is clear.

Ruby’s encounter with Billy (Gleeson) is hilarious, fun and totally the DNA of Waller-Bridge which here seems very much not trying to steal the spotlight from his colleague, but hey, for those who have been a fan of the producer for some time, the scriptwriter’s brand is second to none. And the couple, who are not really a couple, Ruby and Billy exude passion, and lust, as is clear in both scenes that the two use the bathroom of the train that are heading to Chicago.

AND Vicky Jones and Phoebe Waller-Bridge managed to create a sexy, thought-provoking and completely seductive plot. In Run, the desire is to run out to meet Ruby and Billy, at a bar table and want to know all the details of their lives, this troubled relationship, and at the same time intense, that they lived and that really ended with a lot of doubt about both. parties.

Like this, Run delivers 30 minutes of pure adrenaline that makes us want to run to learn more and more about these two. Small answers are given to us, as the pair break their own rule of not talking about their personal lives for 24 hours.

In a television season increasingly marked by big stars towards TV, Run delivers a typical production of HBO, neat and that does not hide behind frills to deliver a bold and intelligent text. That is, everything we expect from a production with the channel seal. And sorry about the other channels, and streaming services, but this time HBO ran and passed in front of you all.

Run every Sunday on HBO and HBO Go.