[Rumor] Sony develops film about Jessica Drew, Spider-Woman!

[Rumor] Sony develops film about Jessica Drew, Spider-Woman!

THE Sony Pictures announced today (11) a “Film Without Title” in partnership with Marvel, and according to the website MCUCosmic the studio plans another film focused on a character from the Spider-Man Universe.

Who should win his solo film soon, and who would fit in with the next free date on the studio grid would be Jessica Drew, More known as Spider Woman.

The character first appeared in the 70s, Marvel Spotlight # 32. In the comics, Jessica Drew was born in England and received her powers after being treated for an illness ending caused by the irradiation of Uranium by the scientist known as High Evolutionary, who studied human and genetic evolution with his father.

Thus, Jessica receives a serum created with the blood of several rare Spider species, and now an adult, lives in New York.

Of course the information must be seen as a rumor.

Over the years, the studio has been developing several projects focused on Spider-Man characters such as Kraven – The Hunter, Silk Web, Madame Web, Silver Saber, Black Cat, and even a film about the Sinister Sextet.

The next films that the studios have in partnership in the Spider-Man Universe are Morbius with Jared Leto which will debut in July 2020, Venom 2 which opens in October 2020.

And we still have the return of Tom Holland with Spiderman 3 in July 2021 and the animation Spider-Man on Spider-Verse 2 in April 2022.