[Rumor] Shazam plot! 2 can adapt Shazam’s story! And the Seven Magic Kingdoms

[Rumor] Shazam plot!  2 can adapt Shazam's story!  And the Seven Magic Kingdoms

With a new debut date in sight, Shazam! 2 you may have more time to develop your story.

Little is known, but the information we have, and which was confirmed today by the Beyond The Trailer channel, is that the plot of the sequence can adapt the stories of Shazam! and the Seven Magic Kingdoms!

The Magic Kingdoms were first cited in Shazam! (Volume 3) # 2, where the arc of stories released in 2019 accompanies Billy Batson, and his adoptive brothers Freddy, Mary, Darla, Pedro, and Eugen Choi, as they get used to the unlimited powers they’ve recently gained. The plot of the comic takes place a few months after Billy arrived at the foster home.

Already in Chapter 2 of the HQ, we see that when using the Stone of Eternity, Billy and the rest of the boys discover a subway system that will transport them to any of the magical kingdoms.

Photo: DC Comics / Comics Guide

A summary of each of the Lands:

Funlands (Lands of Fun) – A place full of children, and little clowns that is ruled by the Child King who desires the powers of the boys.
Gameland (Game Lands) – A place full of video games and car racing. To escape from here, the group must face the Gamemaster, and beat the record of 1 million points.
Darklands (Shadowlands) – A place where souls go to rest.
Earthlands (Earth Lands) – Known as Earth 0, meaning our reality.
Wildlands (Wild Lands) – Place ruled by animals in the human form ruled by an African elephant called Mayor Krunket.
Monsterlands (Land of the Monsters) – Place where members of the Evil Monstrous Society are trapped.
Wozenderlands (Land of Maravilhoz) – A Land that the Land of Oz from the tale of The Wizard of Oz and Alice in Wonderland.

The other chapters still show the group finding out about the realms, and still dealing with the villain’s new plans like Dr. Sivana and Mr. Brain. Billy in the stories still has to deal with his father’s return.

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Shazam! 2 hits theaters now on a new date in November 2022.

With information from DC Fandom and Comics Guide.