Rumor points that The Batman depends on success of other DC films

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According to Heroic Hollywood, the Batman solo film depends on the success of other DC films like Aquaman, if the feature fails it is possible that The Batman will be canceled. They also claim that the idea for The Batman is to show the hero in the past.

“So essentially, they want to develop this Batman movie as if it were a reboot, as if it were new. But they are not going to make any clear statement about it, they are just going to make a movie about a younger Batman, which – I believe that happens in the past, which will create a past for the character – allowing him to cross over with the other DC characters again in the future … They will make Batman as a standalone franchise, they will basically start again to a certain extent, but they’ll leave a back door open so that, depending on how the next DC films go from there, they can decide what continuity it is and whether or not they’ll move on to the Shared Universe concept and make more crossover films. ” , they stated.

The Batman, which still has no release date, should start shooting in 2019. We saw a more hopeful and lighter Batman in Justice League, after the spiteful Batman of Superman Vs Batman, but still with the same determination.

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By Milena Costa