[Rumor] Marvel Studios Phase 4 with new Thor, Nova and Norman Osborn movie?

[Rumor] Marvel Studios Phase 4 with new Thor, Nova and Norman Osborn movie?

It looks like the list of upcoming productions from Marvel Studios it is forming every day with the information starting to come out.

We’ve theorized a lot about What’s next for Marvel Studios after Avengers: Endgame? in our text about the future of the cinema studio, but now, the Heroic Hollywood website seems to have released a more robust list of what we should have for the future.

The information is not entirely new, we can already see some of it circulating online around there, but the film schedule is even a little more complete than it had previously been.

So, in the list we have:

We even discussed this list of releases a little bit here at Guesses and bets for the future of Marvel Studios on the list of future Disney releases!

The news is with these new films.

Thor 4Ant-Man 3Captain Marvel 2New AvengersYoung AvengersDark Avengers

With the success of Captain Marvel at the box office a sequel was already expected, but the publication claims that the character of Norman Osborn must be the next big villain that the Marvel universe will have in theaters, rumors point that the businessman should show up already in Spider-Man: Far From Home.

In the comics of Dark Avengers, Norman Osborn creates a new formation of the Avengers after the invasion of the alien race skrull, the characters were presented in theaters in Captain Marvel.

Thus, the new arc of films can follow this path. composed by Iron Patriot (Norman Osborn), Wolverine (Daken), Venom (Scorpion), Hawkeye (Mercenary), Ares, Sentinel and Miss Marvel.

What did you think of this possible list? We should know news from the future of Marvel Studios in SDCC 2019, in July, or D23 In August.