[Rumor] Captain Marvel 2 events could lead to new Avengers movie

[Rumor] Captain Marvel 2 events could lead to new Avengers movie

A few weeks ago the Marvel Studios announced that Captain Marvel 2 would arrive in theaters in 2022 with a script Megan McDonnell.

Rumors indicate that the film would adapt the saga Secret Invasion comics, but according to MCU Cosmic, the Marvel I would be planning something bigger for the film.

Captain Marvel 2 in development at Marvel Studios with new team!

The publication claims that the events in the sequence could give rise to a new Avengers movie that the site has called The New Avengers. The article also states that the idea of ​​Marvel Studios is that Captain Marvel 2 serve as a bridge for this next film, just like Captain America 2: Civil War did in 2016 before Avengers: Infinity War (2018).

That is, the film would be a meeting of several characters, without being exactly an Avengers film. The website also states that the director’s chair for the film can be handed over to the same person who ends up directing Captain Marvel 2.

The superheroine feature arrives in July 2022. Which lineup, and which characters should appear on this new team is uncertain. Perhaps, led by Captain Marvel, Black Panther, Spider-Man and Doctor Strange? We have to wait.

THE Cosmic MCU states that Marvel Studios will work with small team projects so far as Guardians of the Galaxy, The Young Avengers (read more here) who can show up in the series Disney +, and a film focused on Thunderbolts (read more below), and of course, the long-awaited adaptation of the MCU for the Fantastic Four.

Marvel can develop a movie about Thunderbolt and bring together a group of super villains!

The information has not been confirmed, and should be treated as a rumor.

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