Rosamund Pike will star in The Wheel of Time

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Rosamund Pike, known for acting in successful films such as Pride and Prejudice (2005) and Exemplary Girl (2014), was confirmed as the star of The Wheel of Time, Amazon Prime’s new series based on the book series and Robert Jordan.

The complete 14-volume high fantasy saga addresses Asian and European creationism and mythologies in a very well-developed narrative, compared by many to Tolkien’s texts. Check the synopsis of the first book:

“One day there was a war so definitive that it broke the world, and in the turning of the Wheel of Time what remained in the memory of men became the mainstay of legends. Like the one that says that when the dark forces rise up, the power to fight las will be reborn in a single man, the Dragon, who will bring back the war and, again, everything will fragment.

In this scenario in which darkness and redemption are equally feared, lives Rand al’Thor, a young man from a quiet village in the Dois Rios region. It is the time of the end of winter festivities – the most rigorous of the last decades -, and even in the excitement that anticipates the festival, the arrival of a mysterious stranger draws attention.

When the village is invaded by beasts that for most men belonged only to the universe of legends, the woman not only helps Rand and his friends to escape from there, but leads them to what will be the greatest of all journeys. The unknown is an Aes Sedai, artisan of the power that drives the Wheel of Time, and believes that Rand is the prophetic Reborn Dragon – the one who can save or destroy the world. “

In Brazil, the work is published by Editora Intrinseca and already has six volumes in Portuguese.

There is still no premiere date for the series.

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