Rocky – trivia about the American myth, which is still alive

Rocky - trivia about the American myth, which is still alive

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Three Oscars for ten nominations – that’s how Rocky’s film broke the bank in 1977. The painting about the Italian boxer was then chosen the best production, thanks to which Sylvester Stallone reached the very top of Hollywood. The actor and director went to the sky, and not so long ago he fought for survival in a difficult acting market. The artist created the script for Rocky in three days, but struggled with his sale for a long time. He couldn’t find the right people to invest in the project. When they finally appeared, they made Stallone unacceptable. The project will be financed if someone else plays the main character. One label wanted to buy a $ 400,000 script and cast Ryan O’Neal, Burt Reynolds or James Caan in the lead role. Stallone could not accept such an offer. As a result, the conversations ended in failure and for the later Rambo extremely lean years began, which paid off in the role of the erotic film. Stallone later explained this episode in this way:

I could play or steal there. I preferred to choose the first option.

After a long period of drought, however, we managed to find appropriate financing. The original project of the young artist at the time turned out to be a hit. He wrote the script for Stallone in 3 days and sold it for $ 50,000 and 10 percent of profits. It wasn’t great money, but as it turned out later, it was enough for the actor to become unimaginably rich. The film made a total of $ 150 million and was an artistic success. So Sylvester Stallone achieved victory in every field, although the story of the most sophisticated is not.

Although the nickname Rocky comes from the famous Rocky Marciano, Stallone inspired the fight between Muhammad Ali and the unknown boxer Chuck Wepner to write the script. The artist told his own version of this story. A fulfilled American dream and a hero who, despite his adversity, wanders forward. In the seventies this romantic image was at a premium. America at the time, tormented by political and ethical problems, needed a new American hero. he was none other than Cinderella who achieved what he had dreamed of. Adding to this romantic thread, which does not duplicate patterns, we get a product perfectly tailored to mass audiences. it gained a timeless character precisely because it became a myth that was later processed and converted many times. The story was repeated not only in the following parts, but also in many other pop-culture works.

For example, the myth gained great popularity in American wrestling (then WWF). The field of entertainment, which consists in playing specific scenarios in the ring (usually on the principle of fighting good against evil) very willingly embraced the story of a good boy who, thanks to his strength and determination, overcomes more villains. Rocky’s story corresponded so well with wrestling that it is not surprising that wrestlers appeared in subsequent parts of Stallone’s film. Hulk Hogan appeared in the movie Rocky 3 without consulting his federation. He was released for this arbitrariness, although after a year he returned to the wrestling ring. W also appeared, known from Team A Mr. T. The actor and wrestler also had problems due to his performance. The artist invited his mother to the premiere of the film (Mr.T grew up without a father and had eleven siblings). The old lady was shocked by the scene, when Clubber Lang, portrayed by her son, offers sex to Rocky’s woman, Adrian. I didn’t raise my children that way, later said outraged Mrs. Tureaud.

Talia Shire played the role of the great love of the main character. The actress known among others from the Godfather was never a great star, however she ideally portrayed a shy and uncertain girl. The artist won an Oscar nomination for her performance, but she was not the first candidate for the role of Adrian. The heroine could have been played, among others, by Susan Sarandon (who apparently turned out to be too sexy), Cher and Bette Midler. There are many more casting curiosities. Roger E. Mosley was questioned for the role of Apollo Creed, and Harvey Keitel was Sylvester Stallone’s favorite to play Paulie. Stallone won an Oscar nomination for his role. Later, for a long time, he was not a favorite of the dorms, who saw him as a hero of casual cinema rather than a dramatic actor. The artist proved his worth in 2016, when he again played the role of Rocky in the movie Creed: The Birth of a Legend. He was nominated for a supporting role, though Oscar was still to be seen.

Stallone has never impressed with his great acting talent, but his dedication to the role has always been enormous. Shooting boxing scenes for Rocky 4, he almost died. The actor always wanted the ring to be as realistic as possible. In the fourth part of the story of the Italian stallion, Dolph Lundgren played the Rocky opponent. The gentlemen agreed that they would not mark the blows. This strategy could end tragically. During one of the scenes, the Swedish giant struck Stallone so hard in the chest that there was a swelling of the heart. The actor had to spend 8 days in the intensive care unit with a blood pressure above 200 and with breathing problems. Also, the famous scenes depicting dormitory training required from Stallone great fitness and resilience. In the second part, our hero runs through Philadelphia, passing important points for this city. Someone found that in reality such a route is 48 kilometers long. The boxer might have covered the distance, but what about the kids running behind him?

The immortal character is evidenced by the fact that after the premiere of the film, both Charlie Chaplin and Elvis Presley addressed Sylvester Stallone with congratulations and an invitation to a screening. Even then, great contemporary art was aware that this was another American myth. No wonder then that it is reproduced and adapted in many possible ways. For Europeans, this may be just another good movie, but Americans carry the image of Stallone deep in their hearts because it highlights all the values ​​they believe in. Even if they are exaggerated, naive and kitschy. This is America after all, right?