Robert Pattinson says he never understood Twilight hatred

Robert Pattinson says he never understood Twilight hatred

Robert Pattinson says he never understood Twilight hatred
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Recently, star Robert Pattinson gave an interview to The New York Times, where he talked about his next film project, The Batman, and recalled moments of his career as Edward Cullan, the heartthrob of the Twilight saga.

A hit among teenagers of the 2000s, the five films in the Twilight franchise were based on the books by Stephanie Meyer and tell the story of Bella (Kristen Stewart), a normal human who finds herself in a love triangle with Edward, a vampire, and her best friend Jacob (Taylor Lautner), a werewolf.

Although it had many fans, with a predominantly female and youthful audience, the Twilight films attracted many haters, and although the last film was released in November 2012, almost seven years ago, much of it continues to chase the actors today. It is no different with Robert Pattinson.

The first rumor that Pattinson was being quoted to play the new Batman in theaters was enough for the hateful criticisms and comments to start pouring into the 33-year-old actor – many of them involving malicious and prejudiced jokes for his character and work in Twilight.

In his interview with the NY Times, the star comments that he was already waiting for the public’s unfavorable reaction.

He says, “Maybe I’m used to harassment now. At least I didn’t receive death threats this time – and that’s an advantage! It’s funny that people are so angry at Twilight, I never particularly understood that.”

When asked if he is worried about going back to having turmoil in his life for being in a major franchise again, the star believes he will not reach the same level.

Pattinson opens up: “People don’t mess with me the same way now that I’m older. When I was young, paparazzi go crazy with me – I was leaving a place and people were shouting harassment – but I can’t imagine it coming back. Do people still really care? Gossip magazines are gone, and everyone just puts their stuff on Instagram anyway. “

Meanwhile, Batman recordings are expected to begin in January 2020, directed by Matt Reeves and expected to be released on June 25, 2021.

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