Riverdale: see who won’t be cast in season 5

Riverdale: see who won’t be cast in season 5

After having your 5th season confirmed, Riverdale announces characters that will not participate in the cast in continuation.

Thus, two characters will already abandon the small screens: Marisol Nichols, who interprets Hermione Lodge, and Skeet Ulrich, that lives FP Jones.

Skeet Ulrich and Marisol Nichols will leave Riverdale.  |  Photo: Reproduction.

About this, Marisol, in an interview for the website, comments that she is looking forward to the new chapter that begins in her life. “I had an incredible time bringing Hermione Lodge to life and working with this incredible cast, who became my family,” concludes the actress.

It is not yet known how they will get out of the series, but fans are already expecting some tragic and dramatic situation.

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Since 2017, the first year of the North American series, the characters of Nichols and Ulrich have been part of the cast – Marisol was fixed and Skeet became fixed in Season 2.

At first glance, Hermione Lodge has already shown that it would cause a lot of intrigue. When stealing the scene as a manipulative woman full of secrets, the mother of Veronica Lodge (Camila Mendes) you made a good impression.

On the other hand, FP Jones, who was not very well liked in the first appearances, gradually won the hearts of viewers. Throughout the seasons, Jughead Jones’ father (Cole Sprouse) was from a person addicted to drinks and who didn’t care about his son to a hero and super dad. In addition, she even had a romantic couple shipped with Alice (Mädchen Amick), mother of Betty Cooper (Lili Reinhart).

I am very grateful for the friendships I made in Riverdale and I will miss seeing everyone on a daily basis. I am proud to have been part of such a talented group of people, in front and behind the camera, but I decided that it is time to move on and explore other creative opportunities.

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