Riverdale season 4 ends: Remember events

Riverdale season 4 ends: Remember events

When Archie, Betty, Veronica and Jughead they pledged to spend the last year in high school away from mysteries, conspiracies and problems did not anticipate that this was, in reality, impossible to happen. On May 6, the last episode of the 4th season : remember with us the best moments of this.


4 comes to an end

The routine in was full of setbacks that included deaths, murders, infidelities, mysterious videos, revenge, fights and a series of problematic characters.

The fourth season comes to an end on the Warner Channel screen next Wednesday, May 6, at 9:40 pm, with some situations to be resolved. But do not worry! has 5th season confirmed for the end of 2020.

This final, so-called chapter is the first in the series’ history that a character is mentioned in the title – an allusion to the director of Riverdale High School. In addition, the episode was directed by Mädchen Amick, an actress who plays Betty Cooper’s mother and who debuts as a director.

The fourth season showed that the various conflicts made Archie, Betty, Veronica and Jughead even tougher.

The cast consists of KJ Apa (Archie Andrews), Lili Reinhart (Betty Cooper), Camila Mendes (Veronica Lodge), Cole Sprouse (Jughead Jones), Madelaine Petsch (Cheryl Blossom), Marisol Nichols (Hermione Lodge), Mark Consuelos (Hiram Lodge), Skeet Ulrich (FP Jones), Casey Cott (Kevin) and Mädchen Amick (Alice Cooper).


Remember here the best moments of the fourth season:

The death of Fred Andrews: Archie received the tragic news that his father had been run over while helping someone on the road. No one knew who was to blame, so Archie decided to investigate on his own.

Jughead goes to Stonewall: With the support of Betty and FP Jones, Jughead decided to accept Mr. Chipping’s invitation to study at the prestigious college. It was there that he met Brett, Donna, the rest of the group and reunited with Moose.

The end of the Farm: With Charles’s help, Betty found out where the farm was hidden. Meanwhile, Alice was aligned with the FBI to end the cult. Finally, she shoots Edgar, a fact that marked the end of the farm.

Archie, the masked vigilante from Riverdale: With the end of the Farm, Archie didn’t believe it would guarantee Riverdale’s safety. So, together with Monroe, he decided to open a community center to keep young people safe and took on the role of a masked watchman.

The tapes appear in all Riverdale homes: All of Riverdale’s neighbors receive VHS tapes on the doorstep of their homes with images of the outside of their homes for hours and hours.

Nana Rose reveals the secret of triplets: When Cheryl and Toni finally decided to bury Jason’s body, it looked like their spirit was trapped in a doll that followed them everywhere. But Nana Rose revealed to them that it was Julian.

Betty finds out that she has serial killer genes: Betty and Kevin joined the FBI Junior Training Program run by Charles. That’s when she discovered she had the genes and panicked because she didn’t know what she was capable of. In addition, she discovered that Charles has them too.

Veronica’s lost sister: Veronica finally decided to help her mother out of jail. The problem is that Hiram was also released, thanks to the help of Hermosa, his secret daughter. After that, the man ran for mayor.

The mystery of the Baxter Brothers’ books: Jughead met Mr. Dupont, the author of the saga, who knew his grandfather. With Charles’s help, he was able to find Forsythe and discovered that he was actually the one who sold the stories to Mr. Dupont. In addition, he discovered that Mr. Chipping is the last ghost writer and that he was looking for a new one. Jughead competed to win the title.

Chipping and the mysterious suicide: Jughead and Betty started investigating the curious death of Mr. Chipping, who suddenly threw himself out of a window. Questions continued to arise when a suicide clue fell from Brett’s jacket.

Did Betty kill Jughead?: During the season, it was believed that Betty could be the killer of Jughead. However, it was all a master plan to discover the truth about the disappearances at Stonewall School. After bringing the secrets to the surface, Jug returned to Riverdale High.

Archie and Betty kiss: It all started when they had to pretend they were lovers during Jug’s supposed death. However, chemistry overcame fiction and ended up kissing during the preparation of The Hedwig Show. Was it the beginning of a new romance?

The last episode of this season will air next Wednesday, May 6, at 9:40 pm, on the Warner Channel.