Riot Games unveils new Valorant tactical shooting game

Riot Games unveils new Valorant tactical shooting game

Today the Riot Games revealed his long-awaited tactical shooting game, Valorant, which arrives in most regions in the third quarter of 2020. Until then known by the codename “Project A“, Valorant is a free tactical, competitive and first-person shooter for PC. The game is packed with lethal mechanics, high-risk moves and electrifying moments! Accuracy is essential, and creative play styles are always a good thing. In Valorant, two teams of five players face off in an attacking defense battle for 24 rounds.

The game features a diverse cast of agents representing real-world cultures and regions. With superhuman powers, agents have unique skill sets to complement the shooting mechanics, providing strategic support and tactical information. Thus, players can approach each situation in different ways. The skills were developed to generate tactical opportunities to shoot well at the target.

During the development of Valorant, we were guided by the fundamental values ​​of a tactical and competitive shooting game: accurate shots, lethal shooting mechanics and strategic execution“, reveals Anna Donlon, executive producer of the game. “By including unique skills that complement the shooting mechanics, I think we’ve expanded the traditional experience of these games, in addition to bringing something new to the genre. We hope that the launch of Valorant mark the beginning of a solid relationship with tactical FPS fans worldwide“.

In Valorant, the main focus is to maintain competitive integrity and ensure high-fidelity gameplay. To provide all the support needed, Riot Games has invested in cutting-edge and unprecedented back-end technology. This includes free 128-tick dedicated servers for all players; a custom netcode to ensure accuracy in recording hits; an authoritative server game architecture; as well as an exclusive system for preventing and detecting cheats. Each action in Valorant has consequences, so players can be sure that victory or defeat depends solely on their own skill and strategy.

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