Riot Games and Panini take League of Legends: Lux to CCXP 19

Riot Games and Panini take League of Legends: Lux to CCXP 19

To continue the celebration of 10 years of League of Legends during the CCXP, a Riot Games prepared a surprise for fans of the game: a limited edition of the graphic novel League of Legends: Lux, with hard cover and exclusive design signed by the comic artist Adriana Melo, known for drawing iconic heroines. The comics of Riot Comics are inspired by the universe of League of Legends (LoL), designed in partnership with Marvel and published in Brazil by Panini.

Comics with the exclusive cover will be on sale at CCXP (which takes place in São Paulo Expo from December 5th to 8th) and Adriana will be at the Panini stand, signing copies of the graphic novel on Sunday, December 8, starting at 2:30 pm. After the event, HQ will continue to be available for sale online (on the Panini website) and at newsstands and bookstores.

The graphic novel has the five editions of comics released by Riot Games. The series tells the story of Luxanna Crownguard, character of League of Legends better known as “Lux”, which struggles to control the magical abilities it possesses, since in Demacia, the kingdom where it lives, magic is prohibited. The comic also explores Lux’s relationship with her brother, Champion Garen, and Sylas, champion wizard of Demacia who spent 15 years in prison before he managed to break free.

This is the second collection of the partnership between Riot Games and the Marvel, following the success of the series League of Legends – Ashe: War Mother, available on Universo LoL platforms since December 2018.