Rilakkuma and Kaoru: meet the new Netflix stop-motion series

Rilakkuma and Kaoru: meet the new Netflix stop-motion series

Netflix revealed during its panel at Anime Lineup Presentation, a Japanese animation event that happened to me in Tokyo on Tuesday (27), a new trailer and poster for its new original series Rilakkuma and Kaoru, as well as the program’s release date.

The stop-motion animation will show Rilakkuma’s daily life as he spends his days in an apartment that belongs to a young woman named Kaoru, with a voice borrowed from actress Mikako Tabe. In the same room, lives his pet bird, Kiiroitori, and a small white bear cub named Korilakkuma, who happened to appear out of nowhere.

According to the Netflix synopsis, they spend 12 months together. Check out the trailer:

In the video, Kaoru cooks for Rilakkuma, Korilakkuma and Kiiroitori and the four enjoy delicious food.

The animation will be produced in partnership with the animation studio Dwarf and the series will consist of 13 episodes, each lasting about 10 minutes. The direction is by Masahito Kobayashi, while the script is under the responsibility of Naoko Ogigami; Rilakkuma’s creator, Aki Kondo, also enters production as a story developer.

The animation arrives on Netflix on April 19, 2019. Until then, read more about Rilakkuma and Kaoru at Cinema10.